Kardemir filter description
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KARDEMİR Filter Released

KARDEMİR Filter Released; KARDEMİR, in recent days frequently talked about in the public 'thermal power plant' made a press release. KARDEMİR olup It is a facility where waste gases are converted to electrical energy and [more…]

Kardemir meets with retirees
78 Karabuk

Kardemir Meets With Retirees

Kardemir Karabuk Iron and Steel Industry and Trade Inc., retired employees, 'Kardemir's Sycamore, Vefa Day' event brought together again years later today. Kardemir's Pensioners Association Karabük Branch [more…]

digital conversion in Kardemir
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Digital Transformation at KARDEMİR

Karabük Iron and Steel Industry and Trade Inc. (KARDEMIR), the current enterprise resource planning system (ERP) SAP R3, SAP S / 4 HANA system in accordance with the current needs to upgrade the digital transformation project [more…]