age of the gendarmerie
06 Ankara

The Gendarmerie is 182 Years Old

The Gendarmerie of the Republic of Turkey is the armed general law enforcement force affiliated to the Ministry of Interior, which ensures the protection of security and public order, and fulfills the duties assigned by other laws and Presidential Decrees. Established in BC 209 [more…]

Belmek courses are reopening, city tours are starting
06 Ankara

BELMEK Courses Reopen, City Tours Begin

With the start of the normalization process in Turkey, Ankara Metropolitan Municipality is restarting cultural and artistic activities and vocational training, which were suspended due to the coronavirus epidemic. 15 for Capital City residents who want to get to know their city better [more…]

tcdd year loss billion TL
06 Ankara

TCDD Loss in 2020 1,3 Billion TL

In TCDD, the number of trips was reduced due to the pandemic, but the number of accidents did not decrease. There were 56 major train accidents last year. The loss of the institution in 2020 exceeded 1,3 billion TL. [more…]

Maintenance work has started on the Yenimahalle Sentepe cable car line
06 Ankara

When will Yenimahalle Şentepe Cable Car Line Open?

In order to control the rate of spread of the coronavirus pandemic, the decisions taken within the scope of Covid-19 measures in the public transportation services carried out by the General Directorate of EGO, in line with the decisions of the Ankara Provincial Public Hygiene Board, in consultation with the Governorship. [more…]