Yozgatta Freight Train Wagon Overturned Expeditions Disrupted
66 Yozgat

Freight Train Wagon Overturned in Yozgat; Flights Disrupted

Ankara-Kayseri railway was closed to transportation as a result of the freight train wagon derailed and overturned in Yozgat. The passengers of the Ankara-Diyarbakır expedition, brought to Kayseri by buses, were sent to the cities they will go to with additional flights. Kayseri-Yeşilhisar / Karabük expedition [more…]

Signatures Have Been Made for Yozgat Science Center
66 Yozgat

Signatures Signed for Yozgat Science Center

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank gave the good news to Yozgat that a science center will be established within the framework of cooperation between TÜBİTAK and Yozgat Municipality. Varank said that the science center, which will be established with an investment of approximately 18 million TL, [more…]

Work continues at the yozgat yht station
66 Yozgat

Work Continues at Yozgat YHT Train Station

Metin Akbaş, General Manager of the Republic of Turkey State Railways, examined the construction sites of the Ankara-Sivas High Speed ​​​​Train project. Visiting the Yozgat and Kırıkkale construction sites, Akbaş took the photographs of the Yozgat YHT Station for the first time. [more…]

Social Experiment Warning from the Police
66 Yozgat

Social Experiment Fraud Alert From Police

Yozgat Provincial Police Department launched a project to prevent deposit fraud from citizens by selling products such as cars, computers and phones at prices below the market value through false advertisements on the internet. Within the scope of the project, Cyber [more…]

Statement Regarding Yozgat Train Crash In Which Two Machinists From BTS Seriously Injured
66 Yozgat

BTS's Statement About Yozgat Train Crash

Before the sorrow of the accidents in the railways in the last 10 years subsided and the responsible public administrators did not take account before the judiciary, a new link was added to the disaster chain. United Transport Workers Union (BTS) experienced train [more…]

Kamil Koç Bursa Contact and Phone Numbers
01 Adana

Kamil Koç Phone Numbers

Kamil Koç Phone Numbers : Kamil Koç Buses have been serving since 1926 and are Turkey's oldest road passenger transportation company. By meeting customer expectations and ensuring customer satisfaction at high levels [more…]