Castrol-Ford rally team ready turkey basement Price
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Ready For Castrol Ford Team Turkey Bodrum Rally!

giving the name of the European championship in Turkey Castrol Ford Team Turkey in the annals of history, 27 years after he completed his preparations for Rally will be the first rally will be held in Bodrum Bodrum peninsula. In the organization, which is the first race of the 2021 TOSFED Rally Cup, Castrol [more…]

marathonism will run for the second time on april sunday
35 Izmir

Marathon will be run for the second time on Sunday, April 11

One thousand 11 athletes, who will participate in the international organization on April 314, will travel over 26 thousand kilometers and in a sense, will take a half-world tour on the streets of Izmir. Organized last year with the theme "Ormanİzmir", the first international marathon of İzmir's history, Marathonİzmir, 11 [more…]

ddy bridge overpass counts as days as urgent
45 Manisa

Akarca DDY Bridge Overpass is Counting Opening Days

The construction of Akarca DDY Köprülü Overpass, which connects Alaşehir, Yeni Mahalle and Barış Mahallesi, has been completed. 15 Million Giant Investment from TCDD to Alasehir Basmane-Afyon, which was tendered by TCDD General Directorate in November 2020 and its construction started. [more…]

We have to complete sustainable development goals by the year
35 Izmir

EGİAD Gathered Under the Title of Sustainability

Acting within the framework of the UN Sustainable Development Goals in order to increase the awareness and impact of the business world on sustainable development, EGİAD Aegean Young Businessmen Association, with its members under the heading of Sustainability, to present a road map to its members in this field. [more…]

saints street is reborn
35 Izmir

Saints Street is Reborn

Aiming to revive the historical axis between Konak and Kadifekale and protect Kemeraltı, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality turned Azizler Street in this area into a modern park. The street has been given an appearance that adds value to the area with its seating units and landscaping. In Kemeralti [more…]

Izmir agriculture is going to inspire me turkiyede
35 Izmir

Agriculture Izmir in Turkey Becomes Inspiration

İzmir Agriculture, which was born out of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer's understanding of “Another Agriculture is Possible”, aims to develop rural development on the basis of cooperatives, to use water resources efficiently with proper agricultural practices and to transform the city into a world brand in agriculture. [more…]

easy access to those who will enter the national defense exam from Denizli
20 Denizli

Access to MSU Exam Students in Denizli is Free

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality will provide ease of access for those who will take the National Defense University Military Student Candidate Examination (MSU) to be held on Sunday, April 4th. Buses will be free of charge to exam takers and examiners. Denizli Metropolitan Municipality bus lines 4 [more…]

Ancestral seed exchange in Izmir Tarsus line
35 Izmir

Ancestry Seed Exchange in Izmir Tarsus Line

Tarsus Mayor Haluk Bozdoğan also contributed to the efforts of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality for the protection of local seeds and their transfer to future generations. Bozdoğan visited İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer and presented 8 kinds of gifts as a gift. [more…]