Eren Agri Dagi Cemce Madur Operation Started
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Eren-15 Mount Ararat-Çemçe Madur Operation Started

The Ministry of Interior announced the launch of Operation Eren-15 Mount Ararat-Çemçe Madur in the provinces of Ağrı, Iğdır, Kars and Ardahan. The written statement from the Ministry of Interior is as follows: “The Gendarmerie Commando, Gendarmerie Special Operations (JÖH), Police Special Operations [more…]

Satan castle history and legend
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Satan Castle History and Legend

Devil's Castle is an old castle located in Yıldırımtepe village of Çıldır district of Ardahan province. This castle in the historical Erusheti region is referred to as "Kacistsihe" (Devil's Castle) in Georgian sources and the Ottomans captured the region. [more…]

kamil koc phone numbers
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Kamil Koç Phone Numbers

Kamil Koç Phone Numbers : Kamil Koç Buses have been serving since 1926 and are Turkey's oldest road passenger transportation company. By meeting customer expectations and ensuring customer satisfaction at high levels [more…]

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Atalaydan Yalnızçam Ski Resort Gospel

The Gospel of Yalnızçam Ski Center from Atalay: Ardahan Yalnızçam Ski Center was declared a tourism region by the decision of the Council of Ministers and then it was included in the list of investments by the decision of the Council of Ministers for the second time. [more…]

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The Lonely Pine Resort is ready for the season

Yalnızçam Ski Center is ready for the season: Governor Ahmet Deniz made investigations at the Yalnızçam Ski Center in Uğurlu Mountain, Ardahan. He was accompanied by Brigade Commander Brigadier General Erdem Kargın, Mayor Faruk Köksoy and Deputy Governor. [more…]

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Intensity at Ardahan Yalnızçam Ski Center

Density in Ardahan Yalnızçam Ski Center: Due to the last day of the semester break, there has been a lot of intensity in the Yanlızçam and Cibiltepe ski resorts, where ski and nature lovers show interest. With their families to spend the last day of their holiday having fun. [more…]

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Introduction work of Yalnızçam Ski Center

Yalnızçam Ski Center promotional activities: Governor Seyfettin Azizoğlu, stated that the important tourism area of ​​Yalnızçam Ski Center in the future. Azizoglu, told reporters, the town center 13 kilometers from the ski resort hotel, chairlift [more…]