season opened in palandoken ski resort
25 Erzurum

Season opened in Palandöken Ski Center

The season was opened with a magnificent ceremony held at Palandöken Ski Center. Selami Altınok, Chairman of the Security and Intelligence Commission of the Turkish Grand National Assembly, Governor of Erzurum Okay Memiş, Mayor of Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality Mehmet Sekmen, AK Party Erzurum [more…]

urban rail system projects
06 Ankara

Urban Rail System Projects

Urban Rail System Projects; The Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure has increased its support to local administrations in order to expand the urban rail systems in our country. 2013 in Ankara in the Red Crescent-Çayyolu [more…]

Erzurum was my turkey third is public transport
25 Erzurum

Had xnumx'üncü of Erzurum in Turkey, Transportation

Had xnumx'üncü of Erzurum in Turkey Transportation; Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality is also playing its peak in transportation services. Turkey conducted across "They Metropolitan Transportation Performance" took third place in the Municipality of research. Accessibility from comfort [more…]

erzurum buyuksehir transportation mobilization
25 Erzurum

Transportation from Erzurum Metropolitan

Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality, the city's transport networks, as well as the central districts and villages connected to the roads that provide quality. Uzunahmet, Nebihanlar, Pusu Deresi, Sığırlı and Şehit Burak Karakoc neighborhoods [more…]

mobilization in transportation networks
25 Erzurum

Metropolitan Mobilization in Transportation Networks

Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality, the city center in the substructure and superstructure works approached the end. It is in the center until reaching the connection roads of İsmetpaşa Street and Palandöken State Hospital from the road that provides connection to PTT and Police Department. [more…]

kop and broken tunnels will be opened in
25 Erzurum

Kop and Broken Tunnels to be Opened in 2021

Accessibility of Passenger Transport Service Project Erzurum in Turkey to attend the Workshop came to the city Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Mehmet Cahit Turhan, visited Erzurum Governor. During the Governor's visit, Governor Okay Memiş and Governor [more…]