23 Elazig

Hazarbaba Ski Resort

Hazarbaba Ski Center: Offering hotel and restaurant services within 30 kilometers of Elazig and one of the indispensable summer tourism in the region, Mavi Göl Hotel has [more…]

23 Elazig

Hazar Baba Ski Resort

Hazar Baba Ski center road is opened to transportation: Studies are continuing to open 362 village roads closed in Elazig due to heavy snowfall. Elazig Province Private [more…]

04 Pain

Turkey's new ski resorts

new ski centers in Turkey: Courhevel, Chamonix (France), St. Moritz (Switzerland), Zell am See (Austria), Cortina (Italy), Aspen (America), Borovets (Bulgaria). These are tens of thousands of Turks every year [more…]

23 Elazig

Harputa Teleferic Project is Held

Harputa Cable Car Project Is Voting “Does the Cable Car Project between Harput and Elazig bring Harput to life in terms of tourism?” The question is voted on in the survey held on the municipality's website. Elazig Municipality [more…]