Ferries at Malatya Atabey Pier are taken into maintenance
44 Malatya

Ferries at Malatya Atabey Pier are taken into maintenance

The ferries in Battalgazi Atabey Ferry Pier are taken ashore and maintenance works are carried out by Malatya Metropolitan Municipality Transport Services Department. Malatya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Selahattin Gürkan, who examined the work done, said that the ferryboats were safe and comfortable. [more…]

km of security barrier to the vanin iran border
65 Van

64 Kilometers Firewall on Van's Iranian Border

Turkey continues to strengthen its border lines to prevent threats from the 560-kilometer border line with Iran. In this context, a security wall is being built on the 64-kilometer border of Van with Iran in order to increase border security on the Iranian border. To Wall Construction [more…]

Eren Agri Dagi Cemce Madur Operation Started
04 Pain

Eren-15 Mount Ararat-Çemçe Madur Operation Started

The Ministry of Interior announced that the Eren-15 Ağrı Mountain-Çemçe Madur Operation was launched in the provinces of Ağrı, Iğdır, Kars and Ardahan. The written statement made by the Ministry of Interior is as follows: “Gendarmerie Commando, Gendarmerie Special Operations (JÖH), Police Special Operations (PÖH), Security Guard Teams [more…]

van erek dagi street is being renovated
65 Van

Van Erek Mountain Street is Renewed

The 1,6-kilometer Erek Mountain Street, which was included in the 'Prestige Street Projects' by the Van Metropolitan Municipality, will be completely renovated. Erek, whose project was prepared by the Department of Studies and Projects within the scope of the urban transformation and renewal works initiated by the Metropolitan Municipality in the city [more…]

eren cudi besta and eren boiler ogul operations started
30 Hakkari

Eren Cudi-Besta and Eren Win-Son Operations Started

The Ministry of Interior announced that Eren Cudi-Besta and Eren Kazan-Oğul operations were initiated in Şırnak and Hakkari with the participation of 5 thousand 280 personnel. The written statement made by the Ministry of Interior is as follows: “PENÇE-ŞİMŞEK and PENÇE-YILDIRIM, which are being executed under the coordination of the Ministry of Interior, in northern Iraq. [more…]

Cilesiz Bus Stop Has Been Renovated and Put into Service
44 Malatya

Çilesiz Bus Stop Has Been Renovated and Put into Service

Renovation works carried out at Çilesiz Bus Station, which is one of the areas where the urban transportation network is used extensively in Malatya and where public transportation vehicles are organized, was completed and the stop was put at the service of the citizens. Malatya Metropolitan Municipality's service and [more…]

The weak bus stop is being renewed
44 Malatya

Çilesiz Bus Stop is Renewed

In addition to the services and investments made throughout the city, Malatya Metropolitan Municipality started renovation works at Çilesiz Bus Stop, located next to the Governorship, which is used extensively by the citizens in the city. 65 meter long stop within the scope of renovation works [more…]

Tourism mobility in Erzurum
25 Erzurum

KUDAKA Support for Tourism Mobility in Erzurum

The "Mountain Safari, Rope Park, Artificial Grass Ski / Erzurum Support to the Tourism Infrastructure Project" and the "Erzurum Tourism Infrastructure Support Urban Aesthetics Project", which is supported within the scope of the "Development of Sectoral Competitiveness Infrastructure Program" and will be carried out by the Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality. [more…]

kars akyaka train service starts in march
36 Kars

Kars Akyaka Train Flights Start on March 20

TCDD Taşımacılık A.Ş. Kars-Akyaka train services, which were temporarily suspended by Corona virus measures on March 28, 2020, will restart on March 20, 2021. Re-starting train services, which are of great importance in passenger transportation between Kars-Akyaka [more…]

bingol starboard road will be completed in year
12 Bingol

Bingöl Starboard Road Will Be Opened In 2022

Adil Karaismailoğlu, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, came to Bingöl for a series of visits and examinations. Karaismailoğlu, who examined the construction site on the Bingöl-Sancak Provincial Road, stated that the total length of the road project, which costs 490 million lira, is 32,5 kilometers. [more…]

the story of benliahmet train station and windows
36 Kars

Benliahmet Train Station and the Story of Pines

Benliahmet Train Station, known as the oasis in the middle of the steppe, is a train station located in the village of Benliahmet in the Selim district of Kars. Surrounded by pine trees, the Station mainly serves freight trains. Benliahmet Train Station by the Transcaucasian Railway in 1913 [more…]