work started on the army caravan parking project
52 Army

Work Started on Ordu Caravan Park Project

Ordu Metropolitan Municipality has started project works for Karavan Park, which will make Ordu the meeting point of caravans. Having unique beauties in the Black Sea Region with its vast forests, oxygen-rich plateaus, canyons, lakes and waterfalls, Ordu [more…]

the army will be the center of sea sports
52 Army

Ordu Will Be The Center Of Marine Sports

Ordu Metropolitan Mayor Dr. Mehmet Hilmi Güler made examinations at the Durgun Water Sports Center, where competitions in national and international sports such as canoeing and sailing will be held. President Güler in Gülyalı district in order to make Ordu the center of attraction in sea sports [more…]

persembe pier will be hot
52 Army

Thursday Pier Will Be Shining

Ordu Metropolitan Municipality has started a work on the maintenance and repair of the Thursday pier, which threatens the safety of citizens. Metropolitan Municipality continues its investments uninterruptedly in 19 districts. Bringing a vision to the districts with the projects it has implemented, the Metropolitan Municipality [more…]

Altinordu traffic will be relieved with this intersection
52 Army

Altınordu Traffic Will Relax With This Crossroad

With the relocation of the old bus station in Altınordu district, Ordu Metropolitan Municipality has started a new intersection work in the area where the underpass is located. With the application, the lights in the area where the old bus station is located will be canceled. Vehicles that want to enter the highway from the direction of Yeni Mahalle and from the schools turn [more…]

bulbul stream pedestrian bridge counts days for emergency
52 Army

Bülbül Stream Pedestrian Bridge is Counting Days for Opening

Ordu Metropolitan Municipality has reached the final stage in the works it has started to renew the pedestrian bridge, which is located on the Bülbül Stream and provides the connection between the cable car and the Çivisiz Mescit on Altınordu Coast. Citizens, with the works implemented and planned in 19 districts of Ordu [more…]

army still water sports center moving fast
52 Army

Ordu Calm Water Sports Center Advances Rapidly

In order to benefit more from the sea in Ordu, Metropolitan Mayor Dr. The Durgun Water Sports Center, which started its activities with the initiatives of Mehmet Hilmi Güler, is advancing rapidly. Work continues in the project, which was implemented in an area of ​​1.100 meters in Gülyalı district. [more…]

unye industry roundabout is more secure now
52 Army

Ünye Industry Crossroad is Now Safer

Unye Sanayi Interchange, known as the "death crossroad" since it caused the deaths and injuries of many people until today, has been made safe after the intersection arrangement work carried out by Ordu Metropolitan Municipality. Safe and secure the transportation network of Ordu. [more…]

Samsun call for unity for the steep railway
52 Army

Union Call for Samsun Sarp Railway

CHP Army Deputy Dr. Stating that the Samsun-Sarp Railway line should be built, Mustafa Adıgüzel reacted to the issue of shifting the line to other provinces. Adıgüzel brought the issue to the agenda in her meeting with Ordu Governor Tuncay Sonel, CHP's regional deputies, Giresun [more…]

The pedestrian bridge of the bulbul stream is being renewed
52 Army

Bülbül Stream Pedestrian Bridge is Renewed

Ordu Metropolitan Municipality continues its works to renew the pedestrian bridge, which is located on Bülbül Creek and provides the connection between the cable car and Çivisiz Mescit on Altınordu Coast. With the renewal of the bridge, the walking path that continues uninterrupted along the coastline [more…]

We will build the samsun steep railroad
52 Army

We Will Build Samsun Sarp Railway

Stating that the Black Sea needs a railway, Numan Kurtulmuş, AK Party Group Deputy Chairperson, promised for the railway in 2015, but did not fulfill it, said Atila Şahin, CHP Army Provincial Chairman, “I am calling out to our fellow citizens, I will follow the Samsun-Sarp high-speed train project and [more…]

samsun steep railway guzergahi should include army and giresun
28 Giresun

Samsun Sarp Railway Route Must Include Ordu and Giresun

Servet Şahin, President of Ordu Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said, “We want Samsun Sarp Railway to include Ordu and Giresun as well. Caucasus transportationand we will allow us to be involved in this project, when completed, and the Army Black Sea-Mediterranean Road when our terminal, Turkey's most important logistics centers [more…]

Why was Samsun army railway project canceled?
52 Army

Why Was Samsun Ordu Railway Tender Canceled?

Samsun-Ordu Railway project tender, which was tendered in the previous months, was canceled. NGO representatives in Ordu asked, "Why was the tender canceled, when will it be tendered again?" he asked the Minister Adil Karaismailoğlu. Samsun-Sarp Railway Project Samsun-Ordu Railway Line project tender [more…]

kids with army had fun with free ski training
52 Army

Children in Ordu Have Fun With Free Ski Training

In Ordu, children between the ages of 8-10 learn skiing with their ski training, where all their needs are met by Ordu Metropolitan Municipality. The children, who are introduced to skiing for the first time, have unforgettable moments with their trainings and various activities. Ordu Metropolitan [more…]

army still water sports center project progressing rapidly
52 Army

Ordu Stagnant Water Sports Center Project Moves Fast

In order to benefit more from the sea in Ordu, Metropolitan Mayor Dr. The Stagnant Water Sports Center project, which started its work with the initiatives of Mehmet Hilmi Güler, is progressing rapidly. In an area of ​​1.100 meters in total, located next to Ordu-Giresun Airport in Gülyalı district [more…]

Unye port will change the fate of the region
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Ünye Port Will Change the Fate of the Region

Ordu Metropolitan Municipality continues its works at Ünye Port, which will provide convenience at the point of export to the Black Sea countries and Turkic Republics. President Dr. Under the leadership of Mehmet Hilmi Güler, it is bigger than the 6 country ports that have borders with the Black Sea and [more…]

Children in the Army Will Meet Skiing
52 Army

Children Will Meet Skiing in Ordu

Children living in Ordu are introduced to skiing by the Metropolitan Municipality. Children will be given free ski training at Doğa Facilities located in Çambaşı Plateau in Kababüz district, which is operated by the Metropolitan Municipality, and they will be provided with skiing sports. They will both learn and have fun Metropolitan [more…]

unye bike path progresses fast
52 Army

Ünye Bicycle Road Moves Fast

Ordu Metropolitan Municipality, which has implemented alternative transportation routes throughout the province, continues to work on the Bicycle and Walkway Project, which it started in Ünye district. Metropolitan Municipality, which wants to create a healthy city profile and spread sports activities in the city, [more…]

the black sea is colored with sails and canoes
52 Army

Black Sea Colored with Sails and Canoes

Ordu Metropolitan Municipality Sailing and Canoe Club athletes continued their training in Fatsa before the races they will participate. With training, the Black Sea has turned into a colorful sea with sails and canoes. Ordu Metropolitan Mayor Dr. Sports activity of Mehmet Hilmi Güler [more…]