Mut Fatma Turkon Bridge to be Completed in a Month
33 Mersin

Mut Fatma Türkon Bridge to be Completed in 2 Months

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Road Construction, Maintenance and Repair Department teams provide an alternative way for manufacturers to reach the State of Mut. kazanThe construction works of the Fatma Türkon Bridge, which will bring a breath of fresh air to the city traffic, have started. of the bridge [more…]

A 'Quiet Women's Cycling Tour was Held in Mersin'
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'Fancy Women's Cycling Tour' Held in Mersin

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality is spending the "European Mobility Week" with full of activities. In the week in which it is aimed to increase the use of bicycles and pedestrian paths and to direct citizens to travel with alternative transportation methods instead of motor vehicles, awareness will be raised and [more…]

Mersin Metro Explanation from President Vahap Secer
33 Mersin

'Mersin Metro' Statement by President Vahap Seçer

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Vahap Seçer visited the area where the work was being carried out at the '3 Ocak Kent Meydani Station', which is the first stop of Mersin Metro, and made inspections. The problems experienced in the construction process of Mersin Metro, the city and the [more…]

Mersin Resident Prefers Urban Bis For Transportation
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Mersinli Prefers Kentbis for Transportation

Providing service with 6 bicycles at 100 stations along the Adnan Menderes Boulevard Kültür Park coastline, KentBis is Mersin's favorite means of transportation. The Metropolitan Municipality, which renews KentBis bicycles and directs people to transportation by bicycle, [more…]

A First At-grade Channel Intersection in Turkey
33 Mersin

A First in Turkey: At-grade Canalized Interchange

The at-grade canalized intersection work, which is the first in Turkey and carried out by the teams of Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Road Construction, Maintenance and Repair Department, on the 3rd Ring Road, was completed in a short time like 5 days and it was opened to traffic. [more…]

Is Mersin Forest Fire Under Control?
33 Mersin

Is Mersin Forest Fire Under Control?

The fire, which started yesterday morning in Mersin's Gülnar district and spread to a neighborhood in Silifke district with the effect of the wind, is being tried to be controlled by air and land intervention. The fire that was effective in two districts [more…]

Tarsus Fahrettinpasa Level Crossing Is Now Safer
33 Mersin

Tarsus Fahrettinpaşa Level Crossing Is Now Safer

The teams affiliated to the Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Road Construction, Maintenance and Repair Department continue their activities of removing broken ground and re-asphalting at level crossings within the scope of their work in coordination with the State Railways. [more…]

Tarsus Fahrettinpasa Level Crossing Taken into Care
33 Mersin

Tarsus Fahrettinpaşa Level Crossing Takes Care

Maintenance work continues for the revision of the rail systems and the arrangement of the damaged ground at the level crossings, which are used extensively in the city center of Tarsus. The work done in the past days at the 100th Year and Gazipaşa level crossing [more…]

Between Mersin and Gaziantep, the High-Speed ​​Train Will Decrease In Hours To Minutes
27 Gaziantep

It will be reduced to 2 hours and 15 minutes by high speed train between Mersin and Gaziantep

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Adil Karaismailoğlu visited the tunnel construction site between Toprakkale-Bahçe Stations of Mersin-Adana-Osmaniye-Gaziantep High Speed ​​​​Train Project. Karaismailoğlu, who received information about the project from the authorities, said that Mersin-Adana-Osmaniye-Gaziantep High Speed ​​​​Train Project and Mersin-Gaziantep [more…]