Hatay forest fires became a documentary
31 Hatay

Hatay Forest Fires Have Been Documentary

Last year, forest fires in many places in Hatay were the subject of the documentary. General Directorate of Forestry (GDF) in the documentary prepared by fire Hatay, he told Turkey's 58 biggest fight of close to 1000 GDF team from the province. 5th with superhuman effort [more…]

Works for the Hatay tram project have gained speed
31 Hatay

Studies for Hatay Tram Project Continues

Hatay Metropolitan Municipality, which is working hard to expand and improve the transportation network in the city, continues its works for the rail system. Last month, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Metro Istanbul AŞ. HBB officials, who hosted the delegation, [more…]

Historical Batiayaz Bridge Has Been Repaired According To The Original
31 Hatay

Historical Batıayaz Bridge Repaired Properly

Historic Batıayaz Bridge Has Been Repaired According To Its Original; Hatay Metropolitan Municipality has completed the repair of the damage to the historical Batıayaz Bridge. After the necessary permissions have been issued for the repair of the damage caused by the impact of a construction machine, the HBB teams have carefully carried out [more…]

The Historic Batiayaz Bridge is Repaired
31 Hatay

Historic West White Bridge is being Repaired

Hatay Metropolitan Municipality will start the repair of the damage on the historic Batıayaz Bridge this month. HBB teams are responsible for the repair of the damage caused by the impact of a construction machine in September of last year, because the bridge is a 1st Degree Registered Building. [more…]

eren amanoslar operation started
27 Gaziantep

Eren-8 Amanos Operation Started

Eren-8 Amanoslar operation was launched in the provinces of Hatay, Osmaniye, and Gaziantep by the Ministry of Interior. (1.670) personnel consisting of Gendarmerie Commando, Gendarmerie Special Operations (JÖH), Police Special Operations and Security Ranger teams are taking charge of the separatist terrorist organization completely from the agenda of the country [more…]

Record broken in combined shipping by rail and seaway
31 Hatay

Record Break in Combined Transport of Railway and Seaway

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Adil Karaismailoğlu stated that 588 thousand tons of iron ore was exported from Iskenderun by sea on the 202-kilometer Suveren (Bingöl) and Payas (İskenderun) track in November-December this year, and said, “This transportation has an important share in export transportation. [more…]

Reyhanlı Dam, the Dream of Amik Plain, was Put into Service
31 Hatay

Reyhanlı Dam, the Dream of Amik Plain, was Put into Service

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan participated via videoconference, Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Dr. Reyhanlı Dam was put into service with the ceremony attended by Bekir Pakdemirli during the construction of the dam President Erdoğan, in his speech at the ceremony, to bring the works to the country and the city. [more…]

85 Percent of Hatay Cable Car Project Completed
31 Hatay

85 Percent of Hatay Cable Car Project Completed

Hatay Metropolitan Municipality is working with all its might to transfer the riches and values ​​Hatay has carried from the past to the present to future generations and to increase the recognition of the city by bringing it together with the services it deserves. In order to make Hatay a brand city and to contribute to tourism, [more…]

yildirim amanoslar operation started in the province of hatay
31 Hatay

Yıldırım-5 Amanoslar Operation Started in Hatay Province

Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu spoke at the Disaster Criminal Investigation Basic Training Course Opening Program in Ankara. Minister Süleyman Soylu made the statement, "Today, our 1448 personnel started the Yıldırım-5 operation in Amanoslar". The following information was given from the Ministry of Interior on the subject; [more…]

ulikad president we can make the mistake dubai proposal
31 Hatay

Ulikad President 'We Can Make Hatay Dubai' Proposal!

Uranus Topkapi Istanbul, Cappadocia owner of the hotel, the National Organization of Economic Thought (Ulikad) President Omar Niziplioğl, said in a coma due to the choirs that tourism in Turkey. Indicating that the corona Niziplioğl a major blow to tourism all over the world "This blows from Turkey [more…]

kamil koc phone numbers
01 Adana

Kamil Koç Phone Numbers

Kamil Koc Telephone Numbers: Kamil Koc Buses serving since 1926 and is Turkey's oldest road passenger transport company. It is the bus business that keeps customer satisfaction at high levels by meeting customer expectations. Smiling, [more…]

fake drink captured in alexander
31 Hatay

668 Liters of Fake Drink Seized in İskenderun

As a result of the intelligence studies carried out within the scope of the anti-smuggling activities carried out by the Iskenderun Customs Enforcement, Smuggling and Intelligence Directorate, it was learned that counterfeit alcohol was produced in a workplace in the city. The suspect address was determined and taken under surveillance [more…]

ban on leaving the mayor of chpli big city mayor
01 Adana

CHP's 11 Metropolitan Mayors Warning of Curfew

11 Metropolitan Mayors from the CHP made a warning again in order not to take irreversible steps to combat the COVID-19 epidemic and to make the right decisions at the right time. Presidents have been working with many scientists, city-related organizations and local [more…]

tcddden railroad warning warning
01 Adana

Spraying Warning from TCDD on Railways

Disinfestation will be carried out within the scope of weed control at the railway lines and stations within the borders of Mersin-Adana-Osmaniye-Hatay between March 17 and March 20, 2020. Due to the spraying that poses a danger to human and animal health, the [more…]

antakya cable car project is starting once again
31 Hatay

Antakya Cable Car Project Starts Once Again

The "Antakya Cable Car Project" initiated by the Hatay Metropolitan Municipality in 2012 was stopped for various reasons. The Cable Car Project, which will be built from the İplik Pazarı neighborhood to the Habib-i Neccar mountain, with a length of approximately 1150 meters, is starting again. Antakya Cable Car Project in 2012 [more…]

the problems of the logistics sector and its future will be dealt with in error
31 Hatay

The Problems and Future of Logistics Sector Will Be Covered in Hatay

Independent Industrialists' and Businessmen's Association (MUSIAD) continues its Visionary Anatolian Meetings program in Hatay. Minister of Trade and Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Ruhsar Pekcan grace Cahit Turhan, the program will be held on 28-29 February 2020 date, "Turkey's geopolitical location of Logistics Path to Production And Trade [more…]