Turkish food exporters gin shifts
35 Izmir

Chinese Shift from Turkish Food Exporters

The obstacles to the export of agricultural products for Far Eastern countries are removed one by one. 54 companies will be able to export milk and dairy products to China. new Turkey-China trade in line with the development of this important process Pandemic [more…]

He started the first virtual fair turkiyenin shoedex
35 Izmir

Turkey's First Virtual Fair Start Shoedex

The first virtual trade fair for the coordination and support of the Ministry of the Aegean Leather and Leather Products Exporters' Association under the leadership of Turkey with İZFAŞ cooperation and support teams and the world's footwear and leather goods sector Shoedex2020 [more…]

Asphalt attack continues in Izmir
35 Izmir

Asphalt Attack Continues in Izmir

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality did not forget the districts and villages outside the center in the asphalt attack that it accelerated during the curfew restrictions applied on the weekends. Tons of asphalt at Torbalı, Çeşme and Dikili this weekend [more…]

Travel restriction in the province has ended
06 Ankara

Travel Restriction in 15 Cities Ended

A circular on the City Entry / Exit Travel Restriction was sent to the 81 Governorships by the Ministry of Interior. In the circular, in order to provide social isolation by reducing social mobility and human contact within the scope of new types of coronavirus measures. [more…]

kamil koc phone numbers
01 Adana

Kamil Koç Phone Numbers

Kamil Koç Bus Inc., has been serving since 1926 and is Turkey's oldest road passenger transport company. It is the bus company that keeps customer satisfaction at the top level by meeting customer expectations. Laughs [more…]

Minibus fees were raised in Izmir.
35 Izmir

Minibus Fees Raised in Izmir

Within the scope of coronavirus epidemic measures in Izmir, tariff fees have been increased by an average of 50 lira in order to prevent damage to minibuses that can carry 1 percent of the vehicle capacity. Passengers transporting passengers in the city are [more…]

mosques in dosemealtin opened to worship with friday prayer
35 Izmir

Mosques Open to Worship with Friday Prayer

Corona virus outbreak within the scope of measures closed to prayer in congregation on March 16 mosques were opened with the Friday prayers in the central district of Antalya Döşemealtı as well as all over Turkey today. Coronavirus Provisions [more…]

online treasure hunt results
35 Izmir

Online Treasure Hunt Results Announced

Online Treasure Hunt competition organized by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality on May 19 has been concluded. While the winner of the contest was Sedat Can Güneş, Cansu Tiryakioğlu was entitled to receive the task award. May 19, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality [more…]

Mobile mascematic application in Izmir, cigli and gaziemir
35 Izmir

Mobile Maskematic Application Now in Çiğli and Gaziemir

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has carried the mobile maskematic application, which it started in the scope of combating the coronavirus outbreak, to Çiğli and Gaziemir. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is spreading the maskematic application it started to facilitate free access of citizens to the medical mask. [more…]

Mosques are disinfected in Izmir
35 Izmir

Mosques are Disinfected in Izmir

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality started disinfection works at the mosques that will be reopened on Friday in line with the circular of the Ministry of Interior. In line with the circular of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, the mosques that will be reopened for worship on Friday, 29 May. [more…]

golden touches from big city to izmir traffic
35 Izmir

Golden Touches from Metropolitan to Izmir Traffic

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality continues its infrastructure works that it accelerated during the corona days. While the main arteries of the city were asphalted completely, new alternative roads were opened at four different points to help relax the traffic flow. Izmir Metropolitan [more…]