Heart of Digital Technologies Astanada Atti
7 Kazakhstan

The Heart of Digital Technologies Beats in Astana!

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank stated that as Turkey, they are ready to share all their knowledge and experience in the field of digitalization with the Turkish world. Minister Varank attended the “Digital Bridge-2022” International Forum held in Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan. [more…]

Gin Launches New Satellite
86 China

China Launches 3 New Satellites

China launched three satellites into space today with its Long March rocket. The Shiyan-16A, Shiyan-16B, and Shiyan-17 satellites were launched at 07:50 this morning from the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center on a Long March-6 rocket. Satellites are placed in their predicted orbits. [more…]

Game Booster Term Applications Opened

Game Booster's 3rd Term Applications Opened

Applications for the new term of the Game Booster program, the 3rd time accelerating game startups program, organized with the cooperation of Google for Startups and Game Factory, have been opened. In the program where 20 high-potential gaming initiatives will be selected, the game [more…]

Youth Opens It Up Security Innovations

Leading Young Safety Innovations

Kaspersky announced that it is inviting highly motivated students and young researchers who are trying to change the world of technology by increasing security to the international Secur'IT Cup '22 competition. With the increasing penetration of digital technology in our lives, these [more…]

Free Wi-Fi Network Expands in Ankara
06 Ankara

Free Wi-Fi Network Expands in Ankara

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues to expand its free internet networks within the scope of the digital transformation attack it started throughout the city. Free internet service started to be provided at 1 points in the Phase2 part of the project, whose Phase18 studies were completed. Thus; [more…]

Hackers' Eyes on the Education Sector Now

Hackers Eyes on the Education Sector Now

With the start of the new education period, the severity of cyber attacks targeting the education sector is increasing. new educational institutions kazanHackers who turn it into an internal door and can capture student data with malicious software, [more…]

Attention to the Atmosphere of Industrial Facilities

Attention to the Air of Industrial Facilities!

The rapidly developing technology all over the world is rapidly increasing the type and rate of chemicals used in the industry. More than 700 of these chemicals are in the carcinogen class. The diameters that come out of the process in industries are generally less than 2.5 microns. [more…]

Signs for Turkish Space Traveler
33 France

Turkey's First Manned Space Mission Signed

Signatures were signed with Axiom Space in Paris, the capital of France, for Turkey's first manned space mission. Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank announced the important development from his social media account. Minister Varank said, “The 100th Anniversary of our Republic. [more…]