the ski resort will be in season
46 Kahramanmaras

Yedikuyular Ski Resort Will Catch The Season

Work is underway at Yedikuyular Ski Center, one of the vision projects of the Metropolitan Municipality of Kahramanmaraş. After the completion of the construction of the runways in the works carried out under the control of the Directorate of Studies and Projects of the Metropolitan Municipality Directorate of Studies and Projects [more…]

yedikuyular ski resort
46 Kahramanmaras

Yedikuyular Ski Center Preparing for the Season

Yedikuyular Ski Center is Preparing for the Season: After the completion of the erection of the masts of mechanical systems such as chairlift and teleski in the construction of Kahramanmaraş Metropolitan Municipality Yedikuyular Ski Center, the runway arrangement and rope systems continue to work. All the routes of the tracks [more…]

46 Kahramanmaras

Runways at Yedikuyular Ski Center

Tracks are being built at the Yedikuyular Ski Center: Yedikuyular Summer-Winter Recreation Area, one of the important projects of the Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Fatih Mehmet Erkoç, which is carried out by the Kahramanmaraş Metropolitan Municipality Department of Survey and Projects Department. [more…]

46 Kahramanmaras

First Digging Shot to Seven Wells

First Digging Shot in Seven Wells: Kahramanmaraş Metropolitan Municipality hit the first dig for the construction of the Summer-Winter Recreation Area and Ski Center to be built in Yedi wells. One of the important projects of Kahramanmaraş Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Fatih Mehmet Erkoç, [more…]

58 Sivas

Teleski and chairlift tender to be held in April at 16

The work carried out at Yıldız Mountain Winter Sports Tourism Center in order to contribute to Sivas's winter tourism and to turn it into a center of attraction in the region continues at full speed. The expropriation of the project whose Environmental Plan, Master and Implementation Development Plan has been approved [more…]

15 Burdur

Teleski Malfunction in Burdur Salda Ski Center

Teleski Failure in Burdur Salda Ski Center The teleski line operating in our district Salda Ski Center is not open to the service of our people between 18-19 February 2013 due to a technical problem. Your information. Source: Similar News: Chairlift in Yedikuyular Ski Center and [more…]


Cableway and Ropeway Technology

Aircraft carrying people and cargo on a wire stretched between two points. Ropeways are established between the points where road and railway establishment is difficult and costly in industrial enterprises or human transportation. Sand with the cable car, [more…]

36 Kars

Kars Muddy T-Bar Teleski Launched

Kars Çamurlu T-Bar Telescope Commenced: The Çamurlu T-Bar Teleski Facility, which serves among the crystal snow and pine forests, was put into service in Sarıkamış in the 2009 winter season and became an alternative ski resort for skiers. TECHNICIAL SPECIFICATIONS : [more…]

13 Bitlis

Bitlis Teleski Revised

Bitlis Telescope Revision Completed: The drive group of the teleski system in the center of Bitlis was completely revised and a coating was made on it. The system, which is made resistant to difficult conditions, can be more efficient with the engineering calculations made in the unsuitable line. [more…]

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