the ski resort will be in season
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Yedikuyular Ski Resort Will Catch The Season

Work is underway at Yedikuyular Ski Center, one of the vision projects of the Metropolitan Municipality of Kahramanmaraş. After the completion of the construction of the runways in the works carried out under the control of the Directorate of Studies and Projects of the Metropolitan Municipality Directorate of Studies and Projects [more…]

yedikuyular ski resort
46 Kahramanmaras

Yedikuyular Ski Center Preparing for the Season

Yedikuyular Ski Center is preparing for the season: Kahramanmaraş Metropolitan Municipality Yedikuyular Ski Center construction of chairlifts, chairlifts, rope mechanical systems, such as the completion of the sewing process of the rope and rope systems continue to work. All routes of runways [more…]

46 Kahramanmaras

Chairlifts and chairlifts were erected in Yedikuyular Ski Center

Kahramanmaraş Metropolitan Municipality Yedikuyular Ski Center construction of the mast of the mechanical systems, such as chairlift, teleski stitching continues to sew. After sewing poles, cable shots will be made. The electricity of 5.3 km medium power line to the non-electric mountains today [more…]

46 Kahramanmaras

Runways at Yedikuyular Ski Center

Yedikuyular Ski Center Runs: Kahramanmaraş Metropolitan Municipality Directorate of Studies and Projects Directorate of the Department of Surveys and Projects carried out by the Metropolitan Mayor Fatih Mehmet Erkoç Yedikuyular Summer-Winter Recreation Area, one of the important projects [more…]

46 Kahramanmaras

First Digging Shot to Seven Wells

The first digging was shot at seven wells: Kahramanmaraş Metropolitan Municipality struck the first excavation for the construction of the summer-winter recreation area and ski resort, which will be built in the seven wells area. Kahramanmaraş Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Fatih Mehmet Erkoç is one of the important projects [more…]


Cableway and Ropeway Technology

Aircraft vehicle for transporting people and cargo on a stretched wire between two points. Ropeways are established between industrial establishments or human transportation, where land and railways are difficult and costly to build. Cable car with sand, [more…]

36 Kars

Kars Muddy T-Bar Teleski Launched

Kars Muddy T-Bar Teleski Entered Service: The Çamurlu T-Bar Teleski Facility, which is located between the crystal snow and the pine forests, became an alternative ski resort for skiers in the winter season of 2009 in Sarıkamış. TECHNICIAL SPECIFICATIONS : [more…]

13 Bitlis

Bitlis Teleski Revised

Bitlis Teleski Revision was completed: The drive group of the Teleski system in the center of Bitlis was undergoing a complete overhaul and a coating was made on it. The system, which is made resistant to difficult conditions, can be used more efficiently with the engineering calculations made with the unsuitable line length. [more…]

43 Austria

SunKid Skilift - Fördertechnik

SunKid Skilift - Fördertechnik GmbH A-6460 Imst Industriezone 39 Tel. + 43 (5412) 68131 Similar Railway Road and Cable Car NewsSunKid Marching Ski Rug Made a Great Success in Finland 24 / 01 / 2015 SunKid Marching Ski Rug Great in Finland [more…]

49 Germany

Multi Skiliftbau

MULTII SKILIFTBAU GmbH D - 83355 Grabenstaett, Hauptstrasse 1, Tel .: + 49 (0) 8661 - 242 Fax .: + 49 (0) 8661 - 1472 Srl 23 / 01 Address: Via del Lavoro 2010 [more…]