belgrade sarajevo motorway to stimulate trade
381 Serbia

Belgrade-Sarajevo Motorway to Revive Trade

Transport and Infrastructure Minister Cahit Turhan, Turkey also supported by Belgrade-Sarajevo highway for the project, "This highway corridors and improving their standards, trade in other neighboring countries, especially Bosnia and Herzegovina as well [more…]

sirp tourism
20 Denizli

Serbian Tourism Tourists in Denizli

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality hosted Aleksandra Dejanovic, the representative of Belgrade Turkish Airlines in Serbia and the accompanying tourism agency representatives. Mayor of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Osman Zolan emphasized that Denizli has universal tourism values. [more…]

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Belgrade to Budapest by train

Belgrade - Budapest by train: There are two direct flights a day from Belgrade Train Station to Budapest Keleti Train Station. Day train departs from Belgrade at 6.45 in the morning to Budapest at noon 14.54 [more…]

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381 Serbia

Serbian Railways Renewed

Serbian railways are renewing: Serbian Railways Zeleznice Srbije announced that restructuring of some domestic railways will begin as of July after government approval of 15. The 4 company took over the configuration process. Accordingly, the project [more…]

381 Serbia

Young Explorers Train in Serbia

Young Explorers Train in Serbia: 118 personality male group of students from Turkey, found the opportunity to explore major historical and tourist sites in Serbia's capital Belgrade. Kaş Young Explorers Train yürüt conducted by the Ministry of Youth and Sports [more…]

381 Serbia

Trains in Serbia

In Serbia, the train hit the car: Near the city of Zayechar in eastern Serbia, four people were killed when a train crashed on a car. According to information received, Prahovo-Zayechar expedition [more…]

381 Serbia

Train accident in Belgrade: 15 injured

Train crash in Belgrade: 15 injured In the capital of Serbia, two suburban trains collided in the tunnel, according to initial reports, 15 people were injured. According to information received, two suburban trains operating between Novi Belgrade and Zemun, [more…]

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Tramway accident in Belgrade

14 was reportedly injured after two trams collided in Serbia's capital, Belgrade. In the tram accident that took place this morning at the corner of King Aleksandar Boulevard and Rousvelt Street, one of the central parts of Belgrade, 14 [more…]

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