lewis hamilton wins the f portuguese grand prix
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Lewis Hamilton Wins F1 Portuguese Grand Prix

The third race of the 2021 Formula 1 season, the Portuguese Grand Prix, was won by Mercedes-AMG Petronas Team's 7 World Champion driver Lewis Hamilton. Mercedes-AMG Petronas Team driver Lewis Hamilton won the Portuguese Grand Prix, the third race of the 2021 Formula 1 season, while Valtteri Bottas took the third step on the podium. Lewis Hamilton 25 points and Valtteri Bottas 16 [more…]

Pirelli's hardest tire hits the track at the f portugal grand prix for the first time
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Pirellin's Toughest Tire Makes Its First Time On Track at F1 Portuguese Grand Prix

After two races in the middle of the series where the same tires (C2, C3 and C4) were recommended, the hardest tires for Portugal were P Zero White hard with C1 compound, P Zero Yellow medium with C2 compound and P Zero Red soft with C3 compound. The characteristics of the track were decisive in the selection of the tires recommended in 2020 with the same options. The Portimao circuit made its debut in the Formula 1 program last October. [more…]

fast train crash in portugal injured
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Fast Train Accident in Portugal 1 Dead, 50 Injured

In Portugal, the high-speed train collided with the train servicing the rails. According to the first determinations, 1 person died in the accident and 50 people were injured. There were 282 passengers on the high-speed train. The accident, which was reported in the Soure region near the Portuguese city of Coimbra, caused a large number of ambulance and fire crews to flock to the region. According to initial reports, at least 50 people were injured. [more…]

portugalis examined samsunda tramway vehicles
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Portuguese Examined Tram Vehicles in Samsun

In Samsun, the operator of the Light Rail System, Samsun Proje Transportation İmar İnşaat Yat. Singing. ve Tic. A.Ş. (SAMULAŞ) hosted the metro managers from Portugal. Pedro Mota Pereira, Metro Operations Manager of Porto, Portugal's second largest city after the capital Lisbon, and Porto Metro Operations Director Nuno Aleluia, visited SAMULAŞ. OPERATION AND MAINTENANCE PERFORMANCES Portuguese guests at the center of SAMULAŞ [more…]

28 injured on the trolley trolley in lisbonda
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Tram in Lisbon, 28 Injured

28 people were injured when a tram overturned in Lisbon, the capital of Portugal. The accident took place on Friday evening (Yesterday) in the Lapa region of the city around 18:00. Officials announced that the tram came off the rails on the steep slope and overturned. The tram crashed into a building before it overturned, injuring pedestrians in the area. One of the injured was a baby, according to a report yet to be confirmed by local authorities. [more…]

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Train Chief Warns, Tok Bride Don't Love

Train chief warned, Come full, don't faint: Fertagus company, which provides rail transportation between Portugal's capital Lisbon and the city of Setubal, 50 kilometers south, made an interesting warning to its passengers. Announcing that in the first six months of the year, 51 train services were delayed in the morning for 209 minutes in total, company officials said, “Many fainting cases were found to be associated with low blood sugar. [more…]

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Metro do Porto Selects EMEF for Maintenance of Trains

Metro do Porto Selects EMEF to Maintain Its Trains: In Portugal, Metro do Porto signed a new agreement with the railway vehicle maintenance company (EMEF) to overhaul some of the light rail vehicles used in the city of Porto. According to the agreement, the cost of the agreement made for the maintenance of the trains used in Porto and produced by Bombardier will be 10,5 million Euros. In the current year [more…]

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Metro station not art work

A work of art, not a subway station: Cities that attract tourists from all over the world are also rivals with their subway stations. You wouldn't be able to see the city completely without seeing the metro stations, each of which is a work of art, bearing the signature of famous architects and artists. NAPOLI/ITALY The famous Toledo station in Naples, Italy has a futuristic architecture. The city's metro station, completed in 2012 [more…]

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Lisbon and Tramway

Lisbon and the Tram Duo: There is something that catches the eye of everyone who visits Lisbon. Trams that you can see almost everywhere. They don't just go on straight roads like their counterparts in other cities. They have been going on their way since ancient times, sometimes uphill and sometimes downhill in narrow streets. I don't know if it's an urban legend, but sometimes passengers get off the tram and [more…]

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High Speed ​​Train in the World

High-speed trains are used today in European countries such as France, Germany, Spain, Italy, as well as in Japan, China and South Korea. Japan, the pioneer of high-speed train lines, is also the country with the highest passenger density. It carries 120 million passengers a year with more than 305 trains. The need for increased capacity in Japan Railroad travel has led to the emergence of high-speed trains in both Japan and France. [more…]

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Economic crisis cancels Lisbon-Madrid high-speed train line

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