bulgarian to promote volkswagen factory
35 Bulgaria

Bulgaria's Incentive for Volkswagen Plant

Bulgaria, Turkey's biggest competitor for Volkswagen's new factory, doubled its government incentive offer. It is stated that there is uneasiness about Turkey's Syria operation in VW management. German automotive giant Volkswagen (VW) will [more…]

discount on european express train
34 Istanbul

Istanbul Sofia Express Train to 30 Discount

TCDD Tasimacilik provides a different opportunity to those who want to explore the European route with the Istanbul-Sofia Express. Train is one of the most preferred means of transportation for economic, business, educational and tourism travels in Turkey in recent years. [more…]

06 Ankara

TCDD-Bulgaria Railway Cooperation

The TCDD and the Bulgarian National Railway (NRIC) delegation met at the Headquarters Small Meeting Hall on Tuesday, November 28 for the development and cooperation of rail transport. General manager İsa Apaydın headed [more…]

istanbul sofia train
34 Istanbul

Istanbul Sofia Express Expedition Fees

After the completion of the road renewal works on the Istanbul Kapıkule railway line, direct train services between our country and Europe started. Istanbul-Sofia Express, which was put on the expedition with the agreement signed between TCDD Tasimacilik and Bulgarian Railways, [more…]