Chambered cave detected during pence yildirim operation
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4-Room Cave Detected in Claw-Lightning Operation

A cave used by terrorists has been identified as part of the Claw-Lightning operation, which continues successfully in the Avashin-Basyan region in the north of Iraq. The steel door in the cave, which has 4 rooms and is considered to be wide enough to accommodate 50 terrorists, [more…]

bagdat felluce train
965 Iraq

Baghdad Fallujah Train Flights Restart

Baghdad Fallujah Train Expeditions: A train service stretching in the desert west of Baghdad, between the wreckage of tanks, cars, bridges and buildings. Baghdad – Fallujah after the expulsion of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) from Anbar province [more…]

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Wagons for Iraq Railroads

Wagons Produced for Iraqi Railways Set Out: 14 passenger wagons produced by Türkiye Vagon Sanayi A.Ş (TÜVASAŞ) for Iraqi State Railways (IRR) were loaded and shipped from Derince Port. TÜVASAŞ Deputy General Manager [more…]

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Iraq's new cars from Turkey

Iraq's new wagons from Turkey: 6 wagons, the construction of which was completed by Türkiye Vagon Sanayi AŞ (TÜVASAŞ), will be delivered to the Iraqi authorities at the end of this month. Lütfi Elvan, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, [more…]