Investigation into taiwan train accident started
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Investigation Launched into Taiwan Train Crash

An investigation has been launched into the accident in which at least 54 people died as a result of the derailment of the train in the Hualien district in eastern Taiwan. Prosecutor's office, parked on the hill near the railway line when the train was about to enter the tunnel and [more…]

taiwan train accident least dead injured
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Taiwan Train Crash: At Least 48 Dead

A passenger train with 350 wagons carrying about 8 people derailed in the Hualien region in eastern Taiwan. According to the latest information, 48 people died in the accident, 118 people were injured. 118 people injured in the accident [more…]

taipei metro no longer longer
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Taipei Metro is now longer

Taipei Subway Is Longer Now: The subway railway has been extended in Taiwan's capital, Taipei. The line extension on the 5th line of the Taipei subway will be operational in the next few days, and citizens will continue to do so for a month. [more…]