Turkish stamp on south korean helicopters
82 Korea (South)

Turkish stamp on South Korean helicopters

South Korea buys the middle fuselage of its helicopters from Turkey. Coşkunöz Defense and Aviation successfully completed the delivery of the 26th medium hull of the Korean Utility Helicopter. Middle body, one of the most important parts of the South Korean general purpose helicopter (Center [more…]

guangzhou port added rail transport to seaway
86 China

Guangzhou Port Adds Railway Transportation to Seaway

Launched a sea-train compound transportation system from the port of Guangzhou city of southern China province Guangdong to Europe. Inauguration of the transport service was made by a train of 50 wagons transporting high-quality electronic equipment to Poland. Worth 150 million yuan ($ 23,2 million) [more…]

Toyota has the lowest emissions brand
81 Japan

Toyota Lowest Emissions Brand

Toyota stood out once again as the brand with the “lowest CO2020 emission” according to average emissions based on total sales in 2. According to JATO data, the average CO2020 emissions of all vehicles sold in 2 are 97.5 [more…]

has started to operate the tempered airport
7 Kazakhstan

TAV Started Operation of Almaty Airport

TAV Airports assumed the operation of Almaty Airport, the main entrance gate of Kazakhstan. Operating 15 airports in eight countries, TAV will double the capacity of Almaty, one of the major centers of the modern Silk Road, with an investment of 200 million dollars. TAV Airports, the commercial capital of Kazakhstan [more…]