Will Akcaray Kurucesme reach the center?
41 Kocaeli

Will Akçaray Kuruçeşme reach the center?

Union of Municipalities of Marmara and Kocaeli Mayor Assoc. Dr. Tahir Büyükakın visited the tradesmen in the Kuruçeşme center of Izmit and wished fruitful works and hadbihal with the citizens. Mayor who learns the expectations of citizens from the Metropolitan Municipality and evaluates the demands on the spot [more…]

nostalgic tram coming to myrtle
33 Mersin

Nostalgic Tram Coming to Mersin

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality started to work on Mersin Landscape Master Plan which is a first in the history of the city. The works started under the leadership of Mersin Metropolitan Mayor Vahap Seçer and are prepared by considering the views of urban dynamics. Metropolitan Mayor Selects, he took office [more…]

Kabatas Bagcilar Tram
34 Istanbul

Kabatas Bagcilar Tram Times

Kabataş Bağcılar Tram Times: The first stage of the 19,3 Km line was built between Sirkeci and Aksaray and opened in 1992. The line connected to Topkapı and Zeytinburnu directions was later extended to Eminönü Station. 29 June [more…]

ulasimpark turside has hosted
41 Kocaeli

TransportationPark Hosts TÜRSİD

TransportationPark hosted TÜRSİD; 15's meeting of the Railway and Line Commissioner of the Association of All Rail Systems Operators (TÜRSİD) was held with the hosting of TransportationPark A.Ş., a subsidiary of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality. Turkey's total 9 held with participants from different cities 21 from various provinces [more…]

bus to bus
16 Bursa

Tram from Bursa to Bucharest and Bus to Rome

Tram from Bursa to Bucharest and Bus to Rome; Organ Bursa Organized Industrial Zone, which has a textile-based structure, has returned to production mainly in the automotive sector in the following years. Because iki Two major car manufacturers, Tofaş-Fiat and Oyak Renault, caused the city's industrial balance to change from textile to automotive. [more…]