istanbukart mobile transaction point means queue with the latest
34 Istanbul

Istanbukart Queue With Mobile Trading Point Tools

In order to reduce the density that creates queues from time to time in Istanbulkart centers, IMM puts the İşlem Mobile Trading Point araç tools into service. The mobile application center, which was first implemented in Üsküdar, provides services to an average of 120 people per day. [more…]

Istanbul's rail systems were discussed
34 Istanbul

Istanbul's Rail Systems are on the Table!

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality held a Rail Systems Workshop in which broad participation from academicians to sector representatives was provided. The workshop focused on the work done to date on the rail systems in Istanbul and the steps to be taken thereafter. [more…]

students who can not win the university discount istanbulkart
34 Istanbul

Discounted Istanbulkart for Students Who Can't Win University

The scope of the discounted transportation started with the initiative of İBB President Ekrem İmamoğlu has been expanded. The IMM Council decided that the students who cannot settle in a department in the university exam and the teachers working under contract in the Ministry of Education will benefit from the discounted blue card. [more…]

schools in istanbul opened a traffic jam
34 Istanbul

Schools Opened in Istanbul, No Traffic Distress

In Istanbul, close to 3 million students and nearly one thousand 200 teachers made the beginning of classes today. In the city where public transport is free of charge, service vehicles are provided to carry the parents. Citizens, İBB President Ekrem İmamoğlu'nun [more…]