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'Lean-Free' Movement on Russian Subway

Officials, bare feet in the subway can cause physical injuries and different health problems, said a new trend began in the metro stations in various cities in Russia. Followers of this trend, the majority of which are women, the subway [more…]

Looking for an alternative to poppy port
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Alternative to Gelincik Port

A similar process we have had with Russia in recent years is on the agenda. As you may recall, a similar process was experienced in Sochi Port in 2009. 2011 in Trabzon after the closure of Sochi Port to freight transportation [more…]

a person renting a tram in russia
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A person renting a tram in Russia

A young man named Ivan Kalugin, who lives in Krasnodar, Russia, rented a tram for the 1 diary and gave the residents a free ride. In the statement made by the tram and trolleybus administration of the city of Krasnodar, [more…]