Warm Alarm Issued in Izmir Natural Life Park
35 Izmir

Warm Alarm Issued in Izmir Wildlife Park

When the temperatures in İzmir exceed 40 degrees, a hot alarm was given in the Natural Life Park. Animals that lose their appetite from the heat enjoy the specially prepared icy menu and find the opportunity to cool off by entering the water. Izmir Metropolitan [more…]

Dear Friends Campus Renovated
35 Izmir

Best Friends Campus Renovated

The campus, which Bornova Municipality has completely renovated and turned into a modern treatment and rehabilitation center for street souls, was opened with a ceremony. Bornova Mayor Dr. At the ceremony attended by Mustafa İduğ, his dear friends [more…]


Equestrian is a sport that is primarily based on cooperation between horse and rider and should bring joy to both. Choosing the right riding equipment is the most important part of training, providing an enjoyable and completely comfortable ride. [more…]


What Are the Characteristics of Angel Fish?

What are the characteristics of angelfish? It belongs to the chewing gum family. Native to the rainforests of countries such as Colombia, Peru, and Brazil, angelfish are South American cichlids. Other members of this group include the astronaut fish, Jack Dempseus [more…]

Water Turtle Caught at the Sarp Border Gate
08 Artvin

Water Turtle Caught at Sarp Border Gate

A car with foreign license plate coming from Georgia to Turkey was evaluated as risky at Sarp Customs Gate. Before the x-ray scan, one of the passengers from the vehicle, which was first sent to the x-ray scan and then to the search hangar, [more…]

Old Tires Became Homes for Cats
16 Bursa

Old Tires Became Homes for Cats

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality transformed old automobile tires, which were collected from the streets, into cat houses. While the prepared cat houses were placed in the parks within the scope of 4 April Street Animal Protection Day; 200 cats by the end of the year [more…]