New Appointments to TÜRASAŞ
26 Eskisehir

New Appointments to TÜRASAŞ

In accordance with the decision taken by TÜRASAŞ Board of Directors, Ahmet Emin Doğubay, Deputy Manager of Sakarya Bench Maintenance and Repair Branch, was appointed as Sakarya Deputy Regional Manager. New appointments in accordance with the decision taken by the TÜRASAŞ Board of Directors [more…]

turasas sivasin will meet their expectations
58 Sivas

TÜRASAŞ to Meet the Expectations of Sivas

TÜRASAŞ General Manager Mustafa Metin Yazar visited Sivas Regional Directorate. The General Manager Writer, who came to Sivas with the Assistant General Managers, visited the production sites accompanied by Regional Manager Atanur Karadağ and carried out the activities on site [more…]

reaction to binding of tudemsas
58 Sivas

Reaction to TÜDEMSAŞ's Connection to TÜRASAŞ

Located in Sivas, Turkey Railway Machinery Industry Inc. (TÜDEMSAŞ) General Directorate was closed and the business was connected to TÜRASAŞ in Ankara. İbrahim Ballı, Head of Sivas Branch of the Turkish Public Employees Foundation, stated that TÜDEMSAŞ was founded in Ankara, Turkey. [more…]

tudemsasin year targets are explained
58 Sivas

TÜDEMSAŞ's 2020 Targets Are Announced

Our General Manager Mehmet Başoğlu, who participated in the Consultation and Coordination meeting of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, made a presentation on the activities of TÜDEMSAŞ in 2019 and the targets for 2020. Consultation in Ankara and [more…]

tudemsas staff prayed for idlibte sehit dusen mehmetcik
58 Sivas

The Prayers of TÜDEMSAŞ Staff For Mehmetciks

TÜDEMSAŞ personnel prayed for the hero Mehmetçikler who were martyred during the operation carried out by the Turkish Armed Forces in the idlib region of Syria. The Surah Yasin was read for the martyrs before the Friday prayer performed at the TÜDEMSAŞ Masjid. in Idlib [more…]

Intense demand from European domestic freight wagons
58 Sivas

High Demand for Domestic Freight Wagons from Europe

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Cahit Turhan stated that a total of 400 freight wagons will be produced for the Austria-based GATX company with the cooperation of TÜDEMSAŞ and the private sector, and said, “We will also supply 200 90-foot wagons to the Europe-based TOUAX company [more…]

Tudemsas took a hundred percent a year
58 Sivas

TÜDEMSAŞ Shrank 40 Percent in 80 Years

Abdullah Peker, Chairman of the Transport and Railway Employees Rights Union, said that all political powers are indifferent in the shrinking of TÜDEMSAŞ from past to present. In his press release, Peker said that factories in the same situation in different provinces were enlarged. [more…]

tudemsas kik meeting was held
58 Sivas


The Administrative Board Meeting of 2019 was held for the employees of the TÜDEMSAŞ General Directorate and the demands were resolved. At the meeting held on Thursday, December 26, 2019, the demands and suggestions of the employees of TÜDEMSAŞ, Memur-Sen [more…]

tudemsas bogies were used in wascosanin wagons
41 Switzerland

TÜDEMSAŞ Bogies Were Used In Swiss Wascosa's Wagons

TÜDEMSAŞ Bogies were Used in the Wagons of Swiss Wascosa; Container transport wagons produced with the cooperation of TÜDEMSAŞ and the Private Sector were delivered to the Swiss company. 25 pieces of Sgmmnss type 40 feet produced with the cooperation of the Public-Private Sector [more…]

58 Sivas

TÜDEMSAŞ 80 Years Old

Turkey Railway Machinery Industry Inc. (TÜDEMSAŞ) celebrates its 80th anniversary. Governor Salih Ayhan, who visited the company within the scope of the 100th anniversary celebrations of TÜDEMSAŞ, organized within the framework of the 80th anniversary events of the Sivas Congress, met with the workers. [more…]