TCDD Opens Nostalgic Train Line to More Tourism

TCDD Opens 4 More Nostalgic Train Lines to Tourism

While the accounts of TCDD were discussed in the GNAT Commission, the deputies brought the Eastern Express into service for touristic purposes, the great interest it received, and especially the economic contribution it provided to Kars. Deputies within the body of the institution [more…]

TCDD Tasimacilik AS KIK Meeting was Held
06 Ankara

TCDD Transportation Inc. 2022/1 GCC Meeting was Held

TCDD Transportation Inc. 2022/1 Institutional Administrative Board Meeting was held on Wednesday, April 20, at the Headquarters building. The demands of the General Authorized Union Transportation Officer-Sen were discussed at the JCC meeting. TCDD Transportation Inc. 2022/1 Institution [more…]

Future of Rail Passenger Transport Workshop Held
34 Istanbul

'Future of Rail Passenger Transport' Workshop Held

A workshop on “The Future of Rail Passenger Transportation” was held in Istanbul under the chairmanship of TCDD Transportation General Manager Hasan Pezük. In the workshop, operational analyzes of passenger trains were made and in accordance with the increasing passenger demands in order to plan the coming years. [more…]

Talent Everywhere Regional Career Fairs Start
55 Samsun

Talent Everywhere Regional Career Fairs Start

Organized under the coordination of the Presidential Human Resources Office, “Talent is Everywhere Regional Career Fairs” brought together university students, public and private sector representatives with the first fair in Samsun on Wednesday, March 2nd. [more…]