new patriots started training
26 Eskisehir

New Vendors Started Training at ESTRAM

New Trainers Started Training at ESTRAM; New trainers have started training at ESTRAM, which is an important part of public transportation in Eskişehir with thousands of passengers it carries every day. 21 veteran candidates who passed the pre-interviews and held through İŞKUR [more…]

estram will make permanent labor
26 Eskisehir

ESTRAM 5 to Purchase Permanent Workers

Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality ESTRAM 5 has announced a permanent recruitment announcement. According to the announcement 1 grain rail systems signaling maintenance and repair, 4 grain mechanical maintenance repairer will be employed. Status of workers to be recruited [more…]

estram business will make the purchase of sofor
26 Eskisehir

Estram Plant to Purchase 65 Drivers

Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality announced the purchase of 65 drivers. You can learn from our news about the conditions of purchase and application conditions. In the new announcements published on İŞKUR, Estram Light Rail Systems Systems Transportation Co. affiliated to Eskişehir Municipality. by 65 driver [more…]


First Skoda Tram Set Arrives in Eskişehir

Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality continues to strengthen the bus and tram fleets used in urban transportation in order to provide a better service to citizens. Within the framework of the tender made by the Metropolitan Municipality, which closely follows the latest technology in the vehicles it provides service, [more…]


Eskişehir tram watches 2018 ESTRAM

Eskişehir tram hours are one of the most curious issues of everyone living in Eskişehir about transportation. We have compiled the departure and working hours of the tram lines operating in Eskişehir. Timetable, voyage times, how many minutes, voyage frequency, [more…]


Technical Trip to Estram from Karabük Students

Technical Trip from Karabük Students to Estram: Students of the Faculty of Rail Systems Engineering of Karabük University visited Estram and learned about Estram's work. In the technical trip program organized by Karabük University within the scope of vocational education programs, [more…]


Tram Stops in Eskişehir Cleaned

Tram Stops in Eskişehir Cleaned: Estram cleaning teams are cleaning 104 tram stops and tram lines used in urban transportation within the program. Estram cleaning teams used 110 tram stops and tram lines that an average of 104 thousand people use per day. [more…]


ESTRAM Becomes an Example to the World

ESTRAM Sets an Example to the World: Eskişehir light rail transportation system ESTRAM sets an example to the world with its innovative and modern transportation system. ESTRAM providing information about the operating systems of the tram to delegations from South Korea and Uzbekistan in the past months [more…]


Transformer Exploded at ESTRAM Maintenance Center

Transformer Exploded in ESTRAM Maintenance Center: 29-year-old Serhat Erdogan, a technician who was trying to fix a fault in a transformer at the Eskişehir Light Rail System Operation (ESTRAM) Maintenance Center, where trams transporting passengers in Eskişehir, was injured as a result of the explosion of the transformer. [more…]


Tramway Accident in Eskisehir 1 Injured

Tram Accident in Eskişehir 1 Injured: While trying to cross the road in Eskişehir, a person hit by the moving tram was seriously injured. According to the information obtained, those who want to cross the road by using the tram line passing through Yenibağlar Mahallesi Uludağ Street [more…]


Tram crash accident camera in Eskisehir (Video)

The tram accident in Eskişehir is on the security camera: The tram accident that took place in Eskişehir on March 16, 2015 was recorded in seconds by security cameras. According to the footage, it is alleged that the deceased man threw himself in front of the tram in order to commit suicide. Acquired [more…]


Tram accident 1 dead in Eskisehir (Video)

Tram accident in Eskişehir 1 dead: In Eskişehir, the man who was hit by the tram used by the woman wandering died. Viewing the incident from the window of his home with a mobile phone of a 10-year-old boy while he was trying to retrieve the body of the man who was stuck under the tram and died in a terrible way [more…]


Diary of a Motherland

Diary of a Homeland: Tram drivers who played an important role in the transportation of Eskişehir, the problems experienced by the citizens during the day and the problems faced by the Railway Workers Union Financial Secretary, Oguz Senel told. Tram used by Eskişehir citizens almost every day [more…]


Tram Line Work Continues in Eskişehir

In Eskişehir, it has been reported that some routes will be temporarily closed to traffic in Emek Neighborhood as of Sunday, April 28, due to Tram Line Works. In the written statement made in the Metropolitan Municipality on the subject, the works will be completed as soon as possible and the closed routes will be opened to traffic again. [more…]