Aycicegi Bike Valley 7 24 in Service
54 Sakarya

Sunflower Bike Valley 7 / 24 In Service

Sunflower Valley and Bicycle Island, which is brought to the city by Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality, attracts great interest by citizens. Kalk, X 24 time of the day we offer service to our citizens. Not only citizens in the region but all over the city [more…]

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High School Students' Book Reading Campaign

High School Students Reading Books on the Subway Campaign: In Adana, high school students organized a book reading activity during the journey in order to emphasize the importance of reading books. Seyhan Adana ISE Anatolian High School teachers, students and [more…]

01 Adana

AKP Government Ignored Adana Metro

AKP Government Ignored Adana Metro: MHP's Seyfettin Yılmaz and CHP Adana Provincial Chairman Bulut reminded that in their separate statements, Erdoğan made promises at Adana rallies that Adana Metro would be transferred to the Ministry of Transport. [more…]

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Allah tests the island with metro

Allah tests the island with the subway: the subway does not fall from the agenda of Adana since the 1990 years. First itinerary discussions began. At the end of the 90s, if I remember correctly “the project will be put into service at ready 2001”. The year was 2004, Treasury [more…]

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Adana to continue crushing under the subway

Adana will continue to be crushed under the subway: The transfer of the Adana Metro to the Ministry of Transportation is another spring. The Ministry of Transportation undertook the construction of metro lines in Ankara, Istanbul and Antalya with the decision of the Council of Ministers. [more…]

Adana metro map
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Salary Rebellion in Adana Metro

Salary revolt in Adana Metro: Adana Metropolitan Municipality's metro services may be interrupted. As of January 2015, it was learned that a large number of personnel, whose salaries were reduced from 2 to 200 liras, were preparing to take action. [more…]

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Ramadan setting for Adana metro voyages

Adana Metro to Ramadan setting times: Responding to the demands of citizens of the Metropolitan Municipality of Adana on the intense request during the month of Ramadan, the subway service extended at night 23: 00 and 17.07.2014: 21: 00-23: 00: XNUMX [more…]

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Workshop on Transportation in Adana

Transportation Workshop in Adana: In the “Transportation Workshop tarafından organized by Adana Metropolitan Municipality, traffic and transportation problems of Adana and their solutions were discussed. 2 day in Seyhan Hotel Adana Adana City in the New Metropolitan Management [more…]

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Expeditions In Adana Metro

Adana Metro Schedules Restarted: Adana Metro in the region of the transformer this morning between the 08.17-08.30 hours of energy fluctuations due to interruptions occurred due to a temporary disruption occurred in the metro. Electricity [more…]

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Unequaled Adana Metro

Unrivaled Adana Metro: Aytaç Durak, one of the former mayors of the Metropolitan Municipality, told the memories of Adana Medya. In terms of the problem affecting the fate of the city, the most striking subject was the metro. [more…]

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The Angels of the Rails

The Angels of the Rails Are Stunning: 4 women working as trainees in light rail vehicles in Adana add color to urban transportation with their friendly behavior, regular work and careful driving. Weighing 120 tons without passengers [more…]

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Oral: Adana metro has become the honor of Adana

Verbal: Adana metro has become the honor of Adana. MHP Adana Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Candidate Hüseyin Sözlü, who organized a Project Introduction Meeting within the scope of local election studies, stated that they will plan Adana's next 100 years and said, "We will plan Adana for 5 years. [more…]