metrobus fire in istanbul caglayanda
34 Istanbul

Istanbul Çağlayan Metrobus Fire!

A fire broke out in the metrobus from Zincirlikuyu to Beylikdüzü in Istanbul. While moving from Çağlayan stop, the driver, who noticed the smoke coming from the engine part of the vehicle, stopped the metrobus and opened the doors and evacuated the passengers. The engine of the metrobus [more…]

istanbukart mobile transaction point means queue with the latest
34 Istanbul

Istanbukart Queue With Mobile Trading Point Tools

In order to reduce the density that creates queues from time to time in Istanbulkart centers, IMM puts the İşlem Mobile Trading Point araç tools into service. The mobile application center, which was first implemented in Üsküdar, provides services to an average of 120 people per day. [more…]

altunizade metrobus station expanded
34 Istanbul

Altunizade Metrobus Station Expanded

IMM has built a new landing platform and ladder to reduce passenger density at Altunizade Metrobus Station. With the opening of the Yamanevler - Çekmeköy Metro, the daily number of passengers in Altunizade increased from 17 thousand to 35 thousand. Istanbul [more…]

metrobus metro silivriye when the future
34 Istanbul

Metrobus, When will the Metro Silivri Future?

Silivri Mayor Volkan Yılmaz, participated in the television program made important statements about the district agenda. Yilmaz gave the good news that a high speed train would be built between Edirne and Silivri and said, iz Our government will give us the high-speed train as a gift. This project [more…]