How to Make IETT Expeditions on Feast Days
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How Will IETT Flights Be Made During Eid Days?

IETT will continue to carry passengers throughout the holiday. On the feast days where curfew will be applied, passengers will be carried on the bus lines according to the Saturday schedule on Saturday and on other days according to the Sunday schedule. For hospitals [more…]

Explanation about metrobus accident from iett
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Statement by IETT on Metrobus Accident

IETT stated that the accident in Avcılar, where two metrobus collided, was the result of one of the drivers passing out. In the statement made by IETT; “At 16.55 in the evening, coming from opposite directions between the IMM Social Facilities on the Metrobus line and Küçükçekmece stations [more…]

Routes with iett flights in the curfew
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IETT Routes in Curfews

During the curfew, which will be applied for 48 hours, IETT will continue the morning and evening services for Istanbul residents who are exempted. While IETT serves 445 even diluted, metrobuses also serve 10 [more…]

Thermal camera inspection started at metrobus stations
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Thermal Camera Inspection Started at Metrobus Stations

Within the scope of the coronavirus measures, IMM has installed a thermal camera at the metrobus stations, where the number of trips is high. Passengers with high fever are directed to the nearest health institutions. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, measures taken for coronavirus (Covid-19) [more…]