channel istanbul letter
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Channel Istanbul Letter

IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlu paid a courtesy visit to the Future Party Istanbul Provincial President, Isa Mesih Şahin. Expressing his satisfaction with his visit to İmamoğlu, Şahin handed over the “Channel Istanbul letter”, which they prepared for public discussion, to the IMM President. Channel Istanbul [more…]

channel istanbul statement from minister karaismailogl
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Kanal Istanbul Statement by Minister Karaismailoğlu

71. Minister of Highways Regional Director Meeting Karaismailoğlu speaking, "Dev Channel Istanbul project is Turkey's agenda," he said. Karaismailoğlu said, “As of now, the project works and zoning plans of Kanal Istanbul have been completed and tender preparations are continuing. Very soon [more…]

When will the channel istanbul project start?
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When Will Kanal Istanbul Project Start?

Transport and Infrastructure Minister and Minister of Trade Fair Karaismailoğlu Ruhsar Pekcan, 33 Turkey Contractors Association joined the Ordinary Shareholders' Meeting. Turkey's contracting services stating that ranks second after China in the world league Karaismailoğlu Turkey's future at [more…]

Imamoglu concrete channel will cause great damage
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İmamoğlu: Concrete Canal Will Cause Major Destruction

İBB President Ekrem İmamoğlu gave awards to the students who were placed in the painting contest organized by İSKİ for middle school and high school students. Stating that there are many factors threatening the nature of Istanbul, İmamoğlu said, “As a result, with a 'Concrete Channel', Istanbul [more…]

Some noticeable changes in channel istanbul plans were canceled
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Remarkable Change in Kanal Istanbul! Some Plans Canceled

The Ministry of Environment and Urbanization made changes in the plans of "Yenişehir", which will be established around Kanal Istanbul, which is the focus of the discussions. The "technology development area" and the "fair and congress area" planned to be located in Yenişehir were abandoned and the relevant plan notes were canceled. From SÖZCÜ Özlem Güvemlinin [more…]

aired in the official newspaper, the channel was given state guarantee to Istanbul
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State Guarantee Given to Kanal Istanbul

By adding a temporary article to the Law on Making Certain Investments and Services within the Framework of Build-Operate-Transfer Model in the Official Gazette, a state guarantee was given to Kanal Istanbul. The Law on Making Some Investments and Services within the Framework of Build-Operate-Transfer Model published in the Official Gazette today [more…]

evacuation order for farmers on the canal istanbul route
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Evacuation Decision for Farmers on Channel Istanbul Route

In the decision number 2020 issued by the Istanbul Arnavutköy District General Sanitation Council in October 58, the livestock and farmers in the region were asked to initiate evacuation procedures until April 2021 at the latest. In Arnavutköy, where more than half of the Canal Istanbul passes, the District Hygiene Board [more…]

Canal Istanbul is advancing at full speed, the boundaries of the title have been determined
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The Deed Process Has Started For Yenişehir To Be Established Around Channel Istanbul

The title deed process has started in the building blocks of "Yenişehir" to be established around Kanal Istanbul within the borders of Başakşehir Şahintepe. CHP's IMM Council Member Nadir Ataman said, `` The government saying 'let's hold on to the epidemic, let's hold on to the outbreak' to the shopkeepers, workers, pensioners, civil servants in the opened packages, Channel [more…]