what to do in akyaka
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What can be done in Akyaka?

If you are planning to go to Akyaka; Of course, what to do in Akyaka? You also wonder the answer to the question. We also answered the sights and what we can do as far as we can see. Even today [more…]

popular holiday route of every period antalya
07 Antalya

Popular Holiday Route of All Times: Antalya

Antalya, which is one of the most frequent tourist destinations, which holidaymakers cannot give up, offers a lot of options to travel lovers. With the world-famous beaches, luxury hotels, paradise bays and hundreds of ancient cities, the pulse of tourism [more…]

Mersin Transportation in Uzbekistan Transportation
33 Mersin

Mersin Transportation in Uzbekistan Transportation

With Uzbekistan, which has been constantly expanding and expanding its relations with the outside world since the day it declared its independence, the commercial activities of our country have been continuing with very important developments recently. Commercial of two countries [more…]

turkey romania logistics are our studies
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Turkey Logistic Romania Our work You

Our company, which has taken its place among the most sought-after and preferred organizations of international transportation, with its comprehensive works in the field of transportation and customs services since the first day it stepped into the logistics sector. [more…]

years in germany transports
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23 years in Germany transport

International trade constitutes the general situation of the mutual exchange of countries with each other. In our country, both border neighbors and overseas countries with almost all of the past [more…]

russia highway truck transportation work continues
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Russia Road Truck Transportation Works Continue

Our commercial activities, which have an ancient history with Russia, where our relations have come to the point of breaking due to a number of political maneuvers in the recent past, have been resumed to normal level as a result of high level negotiations and negotiations. [more…]

sah logistics

Shipping Companies Germany

The history of foreign trade dates back to very old times and our export activities gained momentum in recent years with the opening of foreign trade activities. After the Asian, European and Middle Eastern countries, the overseas continents Africa and America [more…]

shipping companies from russia
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Brand Company in Russia

Although many forms of transportation come to mind when it comes to transportation, the predominant method of transportation is the road transport by truck. In many cities of our country for many years both domestic and international truck [more…]

shipping companies from uzbekistan
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Shipping Companies Uzbekistan

Since international road truck transportation is one of the indispensable methods of today in terms of export and import, many logistics companies have started to operate in our country. These companies include both European and Asian countries. [more…]

shipping guide

Shipping Directory - Shipping Companies

The first name that comes to mind when it comes to Shipping Companies Shipping Guide, is a site that has become a brand in the pages that list the companies that provide transportation services, recently different studies, useful interface, free [more…]

istanbul earthquake started calistayi
34 Istanbul

Istanbul Earthquake Workshop Started

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Ekrem İmamoğlu's opening speech started with the opening speech, the earthquake risk of Istanbul in all aspects of the table is invested. Earthquake resistance of buildings and disaster trainings, common opinion of local and foreign experts [more…]

amazon free express delivery
34 Istanbul

Amazon Free Express Delivery

Amazon.com.tr 300 offers Free Express Delivery service for purchases over TL. 28 Sold by Amazon.com during the Expected Friday and Best Monday discount period between November and 2 December [more…]