Izmir Metro Saatleri Ticket Prices Stations and Map
35 Izmir

Izmir Metro Hours

İzmir Metro Hours: İzmir Metro has been operating underground and aboveground and underground transportation within the city for many years. With an extensive rail network [more…]

Why rail
06 Ankara

Importance of Railways to Turkey

Importance of Railways for Turkey; It is the first and most important element of the public transportation approach, which has an increasing importance in terms of transportation systems. It is the dynamo of integration and economic development. Where they pass [more…]

Izmir Denizli Train Map
20 Denizli

Izmir Denizli Train Ticket Prices

Izmir Denizli Train Ticket Prices: Izmir Basmane Denizli Regional Train is operated by TCDD Transportation by TCDD Transportation on the TCDD railway line between Basmane Railway Station and Denizli Railway Station. [more…]

multiplication occurred at the gaziray station
27 Gaziantep

Crashes at Gaziray Station

Crashed at Gaziray Station! : The ground collapsed at the station of Gaziray Banliyo Project of Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, which was built with the support of TCDD, on Başpınar road. In the investigations in the region [more…]