Covid is more severe in pregnant women

Is Covid-19 More Heavy in Pregnant Women?

The addition of the risk of seasonal diseases to the widespread Covid-19 infection with the winter months is another concern for expectant mothers. Because in a possible infection, they worry that both their babies and their own health will be endangered [more…]

hackers leaked covid vaccine documents

Hackers Leak Covid-19 Vaccine Documents

The European Medicines Agency (EMA), which evaluates and approves drugs for the European Union, suffered a cyberattack last month and documents related to Covid-19 were stolen. The agency announced that some of the documents were published online by cybercriminals. Cyber [more…]

these pains may be a coronavirus messenger

Attention! These Pains May Be Herald Of Coronavirus

Stating that back, joint, muscle and body aches may be a leading sign of the Coronavirus, experts emphasize that these pains should not be neglected. Pointing out the importance of paying attention to these warnings in a timely manner, experts said that if the intervention is delayed, permanent movement damage may occur. [more…]

Coronavirus warning to diabetic patients

Coronavirus Warning to Diabetes Patients

Istanbul Okan University Hospital Endocrinology and Metabolic Diseases Specialist Assoc. Dr. Yusuf Aydın said, “Diabetes spreads like an epidemic in the world and our country. In studies conducted in our society, it has been determined that there is 15 percent diabetes. In addition to these [more…]

Emirates group implements covid rebel program
971 United Arab Emirates

Emirates Group Implements Covid-19 Vaccine Program

Emirates Group has implemented its COVID-19 vaccination program in coordination with the Dubai Health Authority and Ministry of Health and Protection for its significant number of employees in the UAE. In the launched vaccination campaign, priority is the Cabin Crew, Cockpit Team and other operations. [more…]

Covid vaccines are personalized with the data matrix system

Covid-19 Vaccines are Personalized with the DataMatrix System

Turkey in the context of the fight against koronavirüsl launched on Thursday, January 14 Covidien-19 vaccine by the end of the first week of practice approached, the number of vaccinated health care workers approached 1 million. Storage, transportation and application, which has been the subject of discussion about vaccines from day one [more…]

Citizens over age started to hang in their homes

Citizens Over 90 Started Vaccinated at Home

Health Minister Dr. After Fahrettin Koca's statement that citizens over 90 years of age will be vaccinated along with nursing homes, disabled and nursing homes, vaccination studies have started in 81 provinces this morning. The statement made by the Ministry of Health is as follows; Health Minister Dr. [more…]

Rebellion period has begun in the darulace
34 Istanbul

Vaccination Period Starts in Darülaceze

Covidien-developed vaccine against 19, officially began to be implemented in Turkey since January 14th. According to the determined calendar, the second stage was passed. In the vaccination calendar including those staying in nursing homes; IMM also has aged guests staying in Darülaceze. Vaccinated guests, [more…]

death linked to pfizer vaccine in norway
47 Norway

23 Pfizer Vaccine-Related Deaths in Norway

In Norway, where the Biontech-Pfizer vaccine was administered, it was reported that 23 elderly people with other serious diseases died after vaccination. It is pointed out that vaccines have not been tested enough in this age group. The Norwegian Medicines Agency (NoMA), in connection with the administration of the coronavirus Pfizer vaccine on January 14, 23 [more…]

Why should we be the covid vaccine immediately

Why Should We Get Covid-19 Vaccine Now?

with various conspiracy theories and absurd about the vaccine, those who endanger the people's future stating that we need not to listen Turkey Located Bayındır Healthcare Group in Isbank Group companies, flourishing Kavaklıdere Hospital of Infectious Diseases and Clinical Microbiology Department [more…]

Should cancer patients have the covid vaccine

Should Cancer Patients Have Covid-19 Vaccine?

Covid-19 vaccine will soon be introduced to people in the risk group. Cancer patients and their relatives "Should Covid-19 vaccine be administered to cancer patients?" Emphasizing that he was curious about the answer to the question, Anadolu Medical Center Medical Oncology Specialist Prof. [more…]

Sinovac signed a rebel production contract with malaysia
60 Malaysia

Sinovac Signs Vaccine Production Contract With Malaysia

Covid-19 vaccine cooperation agreement was signed between Chinese Sinovac, known for its CoronaVac vaccine, and Malaysia's public pharmaceutical organization Pharmaniaga. Under the contract, Sinovac will gradually provide Malaysia with 14 million unprocessed Covid-19 vaccines and with Pharmaniaga in Malaysia. [more…]

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