Live Bomb Caught in Istanbul
34 Istanbul

Live Bomb Caught in Istanbul

The Ministry of Interior announced that the suicide bomber, who was preparing for the action, was caught in Istanbul. In the statement made by the Ministry, the following was stated: “In the studies carried out by the Intelligence and Anti-Terrorism Units of the Istanbul Police, to decipher the activities of the DAESH Terrorist Organization; [more…]

ASDEP interview results

ASDEP Interview Results Inquiry Screen

When will the ASDEP interview results be announced in 2022? The answer to the question is among the questions questioned. In the last minute statement made on the official social media account of the Ministry of Family and Social Services, ASDEP verbally [more…]

When Will Elderly and Disabled Pensions Be Paid?

When Will Elderly and Disabled Pensions be Paid?

Our Minister of Family and Social Services, Derya Yanık, announced that the elderly and disabled pensions for the month of May will be deposited into the accounts today due to the Ramadan Feast. Minister Yanık, the month of May, which was paid before the Ramadan Feast, [more…]

May Summoned Period Military Places

May 2022 Summoner Period Military Places Announced

May 2022 summons period military places have been announced! Individuals who will do their military service in the May 2022 summons period and who state that they want to go to the military service office and want to enlist in the military today, can see both their classification results and their results. [more…]

Eren Blockade Operation Started in Tunceli
62 Tunceli

Eren Blockade-7 Operation Started in Tunceli

Eren Blockade-622 Martyr Gendarmerie Specialist Sergeant Burak Tortumlu operation was launched by the Ministry of Interior with the participation of 7 personnel in Tunceli. To remove the PKK terrorist organization from the country's agenda and to neutralize the terrorists that are considered to be sheltering in the region. [more…]