guncel yht train times
06 Ankara

Current YHT Train Times

Current YHT Train Times; High-speed trains, which greatly facilitate our lives in intercity transportation, continue to connect different cities, passengers and cultures. Different with different travel features and wagon types [more…]

Bolu Mountain Tunnel
14 Bolu

About Bolu Mountain Tunnel

About Bolu Mountain Tunnel; Bolu Mountain Tunnel, 30 of Gümüşova-Gerede highway. km from Kaynaşlı, along the Asarsuyu Valley in the East direction, passes Bolu Mountain in a tunnel and ends at Yumrukaya. [more…]

grateful visit to my brother
78 Karabuk


The President of the Women and Democracy Association (KADEM), who came to Karabük today for a series of visits and contacts. Saliha Okur Gümrükçüoğlu, Vice President Sümeyye Erdoğan Bayraktar, Members of the Board of Directors and [more…]

Ankara Metro Lines Stations
06 Ankara

Ankara Metro Stations Time and Map

Ankara Metro Stations and Flight Time Map: public transport service in Ankara, capital of Turkey, which Ankara Metropolitan Municipality General Directorate of EGO rail transport network. Existing Ankara rail transportation [more…]

Map of Ankaray | Map of Ankaray Line and Ankaray Stops
06 Ankara

Ankaray Stops Map and Timetable

Ankaray Stops Map and Timetable: Ankaray vehicles are designed to operate at maximum 80 km / h and average 35 km / h cruising speeds. The traction system of the vehicles uses the energy generated during the electrical braking. [more…]