mosques in dosemealtin opened to worship with friday prayer
35 Izmir

Mosques Open to Worship with Friday Prayer

Corona virus outbreak within the scope of measures closed to prayer in congregation on March 16 mosques were opened with the Friday prayers in the central district of Antalya Döşemealtı as well as all over Turkey today. Coronavirus Provisions [more…]

cibris railway history

Cyprus Railway History and Map

It is a railway company operating under the name of Cyprus Government Railway Company in Cyprus between 1905-1951. He worked along the line between Evrihu village of Lefke and the city of Famagusta. Years of activity [more…]

About nuri demirdag
58 Sivas

About Nuri Demirağ

He was born in Divrigi district of Sivas in 1886; He died in Istanbul on November 13, 1957. one of the first and important entrepreneurs in the aviation industry in Turkey. Railways have made large investments in the Republic of Turkey and Turkey's industrial development [more…]