He started the first virtual fair turkiyenin shoedex
35 Izmir

Turkey's First Virtual Fair Start Shoedex

The first virtual trade fair for the coordination and support of the Ministry of the Aegean Leather and Leather Products Exporters' Association under the leadership of Turkey with İZFAŞ cooperation and support teams and the world's footwear and leather goods sector Shoedex2020 [more…]

innotrans fair postponed to april
49 Germany

InnoTrans Fair Postponed to 27-30 April 2021

The Innotrans railway technology fair, which is planned to be held in Berlin on September 22-25, 2020, has been postponed to April 27-30, 2021. The Berlin Senate has more than 24 on Tuesday until October 5.000 to prevent the spread of the new corona virus. [more…]

busworld busbus fair at the bus fair
34 Istanbul

Kocaeli Wind at Busworld Bus Fair

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality participated in the Bus Industry and Sub-Industry International Trade Fair (Busworld International) held in Istanbul. On behalf of the Metropolitan Program, Head of Transportation Department Ahmet Çelebi and one of the Metropolitan subsidiaries, TransportationPark A.Ş. [more…]

Railway Fair to Strengthen Eskişehir
26 Eskisehir

Railway Fair to Strengthen Eskişehir

ETO President Metin Güler emphasized that the railway fair and congress to be held in our city in April will contribute to the competitive power of Eskişehir and the promotion of the rail systems sector worldwide. Text of Eskişehir Chamber of Commerce [more…]

Records continue for gckyuzu yearbook
07 Antalya

Registration for the Sky Festival Continues

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank invited the citizens to the National Sky Observation Festival and announced that international participants will be hosted for the first time this year. Minister Varank, on Twitter, on August 20-23 in Antalya Saklıkent [more…]

Istanbul tourism calista will be held tomorrow
34 Istanbul

Istanbul Tourism Workshop To Be Held Tomorrow

The "Tourism Workshop" organized by the IMM Tourism Platform will be held tomorrow. In the workshop, where İBB President Ekrem İmamoğlu will attend the evaluation session, Istanbul's tourism will be discussed. Founded under the direction of Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor Ekrem İmamoğlu, 'Istanbul [more…]

routes of historical izmir are organized
35 Izmir

Historical Izmir Routes Workshop Held

With the partnership of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, TARKEM and Izmir Foundation, the Historical Izmir Routes Workshop was organized today. The results obtained in the workshop, in which specialist names participated, will be evaluated in the planning of the historical route. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, TARKEM [more…]