Belova Vakarel line

Today in History: 14 April 1894 Belova-Vakarel line

Today, 14 April 1894 Belova-Vakarel line was rented to Bulgarians in history. It was agreed that Bulgarians would pay 2.250 francs per year, at 104.146 francs per kilometer. Similar News: Today in History: 14 April 1894 Belova-Vakarel line was leased to Bulgarians. Today in History: 14 [more…]

date today november baron hirsch dunya jews

Today in History: 13 April 1896 Baron Hirsch

Today in history 13 April 1896 Baron Hirsch died of a cerebral hemorrhage in Hungary. Many prominent figures from Europe attended the funeral in Paris. Hirsch left behind a legacy of 800 million francs, much of it from Rumeli railways. Of that 180 million [more…]

TCDD computerized ticket sales point

Today in History: 10 April 2006 TCDD computerized

The Zabitan Şömendifer course was opened in the Kâğıthane buildings of the Kâğıthane-Black Sea Field Line Command, with the order number 10, 1921 April 241. The first period of the course was completed between 1 May 1921 and 31 October 1921. The second cycle started on December 15th. April 10 [more…]

black sea field line

Today in History: 8 April 1922 Black Sea Sahara Line

Today in History, with the Black Sea Field Line on 8 April 1922, coal mines were taken from the military and transferred to the Trade Ministry. During the Republic period, it was attached to the Ministry of Economy. The line was not used after the 1920s, but remained in existence until 1950. The rails were dismantled in l953-54. Similar [more…]

Railway to Baghdad

Today in History: 4 April 1900 Railroad with Russia

Today, April 4, 1900, a railway agreement was signed with Russia. The Ottoman State reserves the right to build a railway in the Black Sea Region. If he couldn't build it himself, the Russian capitalists would. This agreement is to prevent Russia's opposition to the Baghdad Railway. [more…]

Sleeping car

Today in History: 1 April 1972 Sleeper service

Today, 1 April 1933, 2134 million lira was allocated for the construction of the Afyonkarahisar-Antalya Railway with the law numbered 25. With the law numbered 2135, 600 thousand TL was allocated for the establishment of a branch line to Elazığ from the appropriate point of the Fevzipaşa-Diyarbakır line. [more…]

rumeli railway

Today in History: 31 March 1868 Rumeli Railways

Today in History, 31 March 1868, the 3rd contract for Rumeli Railways was signed with the Belgian brothers and partners of Van der Elst. 31 March 1919 In the letter sent from the Commander-in-Chief to the Ministry of Public Works, it was requested that correspondence be made in French at the Baghdad Railway Company. March 31 [more…]

Haydarpasa Izmir line

Today in History: 29 March by 1880 State

Haydarpaşa-İzmir line, which was built by the state on 29 March 1880, was rented a British foodstuff. Tenants would establish an Osmanlı AŞ and pay 80 percent of their profits to the state. Similar News: Today in History: 29 March 1880 By the State [more…]

Konak Tramway

Today in History: 24 March 2018 in the Konak Tram

Today, 24 March 1926 Intermediate-Diyarbakır-Ergani Line was changed to Fevzipaşa-Malatya-Ergani-Diyarbakır route. The construction of the line was awarded to a Danish-Swedish company named Nydqvist Holm. Passenger Journeys Started on 24 March 2018 Konak Tram Similar News: Today in History: 24 March 2018 Konak [more…]

date today june kocaelide akcaray tram

Today in History: 23 March 2017 Akçaray Tramway Project

Today in History, 23 March 1861 A new contract was signed with the Ottoman Railway company from Izmir to Aydın. 23 March 1920 Ankara-Eskişehir-Ulukışla and Eskişehir-Bilecik lines passed under the control of the 20th Corps. 23 March 1924 About the construction of Samsun-Sivas and Ankara-Musaköy line 449 [more…]