Native Spray Asida Human Experiment Begins
06 Ankara

Human Experiment Begins on Domestic Spray Vaccine

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank in Nanograf firm Graf Series Production Facility Opening Ceremony, continuing the same company under the umbrella of Turkey's first intranasal (spray vaccine) touched on the domestic vaccine development. The first to successfully complete preclinical stages [more…]

moving on to the new group in asilama

Moving to the New Group in Vaccination

Health Minister Dr. Fahrettin Koca stated that they will switch to the new program in vaccination. Koca made the following statement on his social media account: “We are moving to the new group in the vaccination program. Citizens whose vaccines are defined in the system, citizens over 60 years of age together with their spouses [more…]

Covid testing like ates olcer
1 America

Covid-19 Test Can Be Performed Like A Thermometer

Recently, BUBA Ventures, which has accelerated its investments in the fields of health, insurance, agriculture and digital communication, is preparing to break new ground in the world of science with its new investment. Operating in the United States and most recently with BUBA Ventures, an important [more…]

children affected by the pandemic

Children Affected by Pandemic!

Assistant Professor Elif Erol said, "The main problem is the breath that children cannot take in their compressed lives, indexed to education rather than fear of covid." Since the day it entered our lives in 2020, covid has caused quite a few changes in our lives. Going out into the street in fear [more…]

pay attention to these in combating pandemic psychology

Attention To These In Combating Pandemic Psychology!

A year has passed since the pandemic. Stating that the effect of this period differs from person to person, experts emphasize the importance of psychological well-being in the pandemic that will become a part of our lives for a while. Panic disorder due to increased stress during the pandemic period, acute [more…]