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Norwegian Freighter Autosky Project Recycled

United European Car Carriers (UECC) want to turn garbage into a cargo ship, pioneering the seafarer's transition to a carbon-neutral future by harnessing the potential of waste raw materials. “This is rubbish,” says Daniel Gent, Energy and Sustainability Manager at UECC. "Deep oil [more…]

A brand new approach to global salmon farming
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A Brand New Approach in Global Salmon Farming

Leröy has certified that it has a higher Omega-3 content than Norwegian industry standards, zero antibiotic usage, zero escape from cages and full traceability in Salmon farming. Leröy Seafood Group's Salmon Fish is the most salmon in the seafood industry. [more…]

death linked to pfizer vaccine in norway
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23 Pfizer Vaccine-Related Deaths in Norway

In Norway, where the Biontech-Pfizer vaccine was administered, it was reported that 23 elderly people with other serious diseases died after vaccination. It is pointed out that vaccines have not been tested enough in this age group. The Norwegian Medicines Agency (NoMA), in connection with the administration of the coronavirus Pfizer vaccine on January 14, 23 [more…]

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Norwegian Railways to Procurement of Domestic Lines

Norwegian Railways to Tender for the Administration of Domestic Lines: The Norwegian Ministry of Communication and Transport announced on February 4 that the country has launched a new tender for the administration of parts of the railways. Tender for the administration of Norwegian National Railways, [more…]

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Railway monopoly in Norway

Rail monopoly is lifted in Norway: The Norwegian government plans to open railways across the country to the private sector. According to the news of Aftenposten newspaper, the monopoly of the Norwegian State Railways (NSB) will be lifted and the institution will continue to act as a directorate. in April [more…]

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Tram and bus collide in Oslo 10 injured

Tram and bus collided in Oslo 10 injured: 10 people were injured as a result of the collision between a tram and a bus in Norway's capital city, Oslo. In the central Vika district of Oslo, a bus that passed at a red light in the evening hit the tram. 10 of the passengers on the bus were injured in the accident. [more…]

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Russia and Norway to connect with tunnel

Russia and Norway will join the tunnel: It has been reported that a 2016 meter long tunnel will be built on the borders of Russia and Norway by 690. It was stated that the tunnel will be an element of the new road infrastructure between the Norwegian border and the territory of Russia. Tunnel nowadays [more…]

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High speed train project between Oslo and Berlin

NORWAY announced that it was preparing a project to arrange high-speed train services to Germany through Sweden and under the Baltic Sea, by removing Denmark from the gap. According to the statement of Oslo Teknopol, the trade promotion association in Oslo, according to the project planned to be completed by 2030, departure from Oslo [more…]