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Optima Express 2017 Expeditions Started

Optima Express 2017 Expedition Started: Optima Express flights between preferences of those who want to make the trip by train between Europe and Turkey began in April 21. The first train of the Optima Express 25 season, which has carried out its flights over the 2017 year [more…]

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Trade Trans, the investment turned routes to Turkey

Trade Trans, the route turned to investment in Turkey: Turkey opened an office in Bratislava and rail-based logistics company Trade Trans, wants to be a leader in shipments to Europe. Acceleration of the liberalization process in the railway has also increased the interest of foreign investors in Turkey. Slovak railway [more…]

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Slovak Railway Companies in Ankara

Slovak Railway Companies in Ankara: The meeting, which started with a presentation on the promotion of the railways of the two countries, was chaired by TCDD Deputy General Manager Adem KAYIŞ. exchange of views on the potential cooperation opportunities in the railway area that can be developed between Slovakia and Turkey [more…]

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Flying Car Coming

The flying car is coming: After 24 years of work, Slovak futurist firm Aeromobil built an airborne car to escape traffic on the ground. A 2-person vehicle can travel up to 700 kilometers in the air with a tank of gasoline and 500 kilometers on land. [more…]

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Slovakia Railways brings WiFi solutions to trains

Slovakia Railways (ZSSK) is launching test drives of some wireless services of Intercity trains on the Bratislava - Kosice line. The tests will take three months. The system aims to ask the volume of data transferred and the satisfaction level of the relevant passengers, and the quality of the analysis signal [more…]