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Falakro Ski Resort

Falakro Ski Center is working: Falakro Ski Center, located in Drama province of Eastern Macedonia – Thrace Province, started to serve. Falakro Ski Center, which will remain open on weekends, will be opened until the end of March. [more…]

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Train wait in Macedonia

Waiting for a train in Macedonia: Refugees who cross the Greek border and enter Macedonia are waiting for a train in the southern border town of Gevgeli. Macedonia is key to the transit of refugees from the Middle East to Europe. Thousands of people every day [more…]

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Chinese trains in Macedonia

Chinese trains in Macedonia: Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Co., a subsidiary of the Chinese firm CRRC. Introduced the trains they produced to export to Europe. Macedonian transport and communications Minister Vlado Misajlovski [more…]

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Green light in Falakro ski resort

Green light for the Falakro Ski Center: Eastern Macedonia has issued an operating license for the Falakro Ski Center, one of the major development points in the province of Trakya and the province of Drama, and announced that infrastructure works will be initiated. [more…]

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Macedonia's Highway Passage System to Make Aselsan

Aselsan Will Build Macedonia's Motorway Toll System: ASELSAN signed a contract to realize the Motorway Toll Collection System Project in the Republic of Macedonia. Aselsan signed a contract to realize the Highway Toll Collection System Project in the Republic of Macedonia. [more…]

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Two new favorites of ski tourism

Two new favorites of ski tourism: It is very fashionable to go on a ski holiday abroad lately. Apart from known addresses, two new centers are on the rise: Mavrovo in Macedonia and Pamporovo in Bulgaria. Here it is intense [more…]