Transit document problem with Hungary has been resolved
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Transit Document Problem with Hungary Solved

Transport and Infrastructure Ministry, "Turkey-Hungary Land Transport Joint Committee Meeting" has announced that it's done through video conferencing to the statement made by the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, as a result of negotiations with Hungary received while living in Hungary with new decisions [more…]

Doing Business with Hungary
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EGİAD Hungary Improves Business Relations

Turkey and its roots centuries ago, based on recent examples of friendship between Hungary, the outbreak of fighting Kovid-19 exhibited; One step in the scope of cooperation EGİADcame from. EGİAD Organized by the International Relations and Foreign Trade Commission "Business with Hungary [more…]

a struggle filled with sharp bends hungary grand prix
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'2019 Grand Prix of Hungary'

The vast majority of pilots have embarked on their careers; Hungaroring with plenty of sharp bends near Budapest also reminds you of those days because it is the lowest average speed fixed track. However, this does not mean convenience in terms of tires [more…]

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Ekol Logistics connects China to Hungary in 17 days

Ekol Logistics connected China to Hungary in 17 days: Ekol Logistics, the second largest intermodal logistics company in Europe, delivered 41 wagon containers loaded by China from Xian to Budapest, the capital city of Hungary, in 17 days. forward with investments in the maritime sector in Turkey [more…]

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Hungarians want Olympic, not metro

Hungarians want the subway, not the Olympics: In Budapest, the capital of Hungary, the frequent failure of the subway led passengers to revolt. The capitalists, who think that the city that pays the most taxes in the country does not deserve this metro service, is organizing protests. In the capital of Hungary, Budapest [more…]

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Train cut the TIR (Video)

The train cut the TIR like this: the freight train hit the TIR, which was uncontrolled in Hungary. In a catastrophic accident TIR was smashed, then a fire broke out. While the driver died at the scene, the terror moments were reflected on the security camera for seconds. Similar [more…]

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Hungary Trams in Africa

Hungarian Trams in Africa: The prototype tram produced by Hungarian tram manufacturer Dunai Repülögepgyar for African countries was delivered to Ethiopia's capital city, Addis Ababa. The tram produced was actually made in Szeged, Hungary in 2010. But the current trams are produced compared to the previous [more…]

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Vienna-Budapest train service stops during refugee crisis

Vienna-Budapest train services were stopped in the asylum crisis: Austria announced that Vienna-Budapest train services were suspended due to the increase in the number of refugees from Hungary. In the statement made by the Austrian State Railways (ÖBB), the train services from Budapest to Vienna were temporarily suspended due to the influx of refugees. [more…]

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Permission issued in Hungary, refugees flocked to trains

Permission was issued in Hungary, refugees flocked to trains: Refugees started to be taken back to the East Station, which was closed to the transportation of asylum seekers in Budapest, the capital of Hungary. The confluence in Garda caused the shocking frames to appear. Hungary to immigrate from the capital Budapest to Europe [more…]

Train Garinda Riot
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Rebel at Train Station

Revolt at the train station: Hundreds of asylum-seekers protested yesterday after the closure of Keleti from the main stations to prevent asylum-seekers from crossing to other EU countries in Budapest, Hungary. 1000 camp in the morning of the asylum seeker set up in the morning [more…]

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Hungary's Budapest-Esztergon Line Reopens

Budapest-Esztergon Line Re-opened in Hungary: Hungarian national passenger operator MAV-Start announced that the line between Budapest-Esztergon, whose modernization has been completed, has been put into service again. Thus, as of August 20, the line became active again. Renovation works of the line more than 3 years [more…]

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Train from Belgrade to Budapest

Train travel between Belgrade - Budapest: There are two direct daily departures from Belgrade Railway Station to Budapest Keleti Railway Station. The day train departs from Belgrade at 6.45 in the morning and arrives in Budapest at 14.54 in the afternoon. Night train is night [more…]

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Trains to Budapest Suburbs

New Trains to Budapest Suburbs: Hungary's passenger operator MAV-Start and Stadler Bussnang AG signed an agreement in July at 15. Agreement between MAV-Start, Stads Bussnang AG, Hungary's capital, Budapest suburban line 21 piece train [more…]

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Budapest trains are now more modern

Budapest trains are now more modern: the winner of the modernization process tender for the 222 wagon, which is in service in Budapest, has been announced. The Russian company Metrovagonash won the bid, leaving behind the other 6 opponent. Agreement, 185 units Type 81-717 / 714 wagon, 10 [more…]