gin and finland education programs won the unesco award
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China and Finland Education Programs Won UNESCO Award

The two 2020 winners of the UNESCO-King Hamad Bin Isa-Al Khalifa award are the programs of China and Finland for the use of information and communication technologies in education. China's award-winning program promotes the use of artificial intelligence to support the continuity and quality of learning. [more…]

finnish pilot focuses on british grand prix
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Finnish Pilot Bottas Focuses on British Grand Prix

The Finnish pilot joined Silver Arrows (Silver Arrows - Mercedes-Benz team nickname) in 2017. He finished third in the Austrian Grand Prix last Sunday and is now focusing on the British Grand Prix the team will attend. Finnish pilot Valtteri Bottas season four opening races [more…]

story train stations
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Hikayeli Train Stations

Imagine a train station with a turtle dweller in it, and a huge clock on its roof… Here are the glorious train stations that host thousands of people every day, the closest witness of farewell and meeting moments… Yaroslavsky Station Moscow / Russia [more…]

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Train crashed into military vehicle in Finland

Many soldiers died as a result of the accident that took place in the port city of Raseborg on Thursday morning. A train collided with a military vehicle this morning in Finland. Finnish news agency FNB reported that there were many casualties in the accident. The place where the accident happened in the capital [more…]

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What is the Percentage of Smuggled Passengers in Europe's Only Turnstileless Subway?

What do you think is the percentage of illegal passengers in Europe's only metro without turnstile: It is stated that the rate of passengers without a ticket in the subway network in Helsinki, the capital of Finland, which is the only metro in Europe that can be entered without a turnstile, is two percent. According to the research results of the research company BEST without turnstile [more…]

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Helsinki Metro Opens in Finland

Helsinki Metro Opens in Finland: It was announced that the new subway line built in Helsinki, the capital of Finland, will open on the 15th of August. According to the announcement made on March 8, it was stated that the line, which will be a 14 km extension to the west of the Helsinki metro, is approaching the end. With Ruoholahti [more…]

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Train to Helsinki airport started

Train services to Helsinki airport started: The line between Finland Vontaa airport and Helsinki opened on 1 July. This line is 18 km long and there is Helsinki Central Station at one end of the line and Vontaa Airport at the other end. Line, in total [more…]