968 Oman

Four New Railway Line Projects to Oman

It was decided to establish a new railway line consisting of 24 sections within the framework of the regulation prepared by Oman Rail, the institution responsible for the construction of railways in the Sultanate of Oman, and put into effect within the framework of the Sultanate Decree No. 2017/4. The line in question, [more…]

968 Oman

Sultanate of Oman Railway Network

Sultanate of Oman Railway Network: Sultanate of Oman Oman Global Logistic Group Chief Commercial Officer John Lesniewski once again stated that the Sultanate of Oman National Railway Network Project was not shelved; Sohar, Duqm and Salalah Free Zones and ports [more…]

968 Oman

Developments in Oman National Railway Network Project

Developments in Oman National Railway Network Project: Oman Rail President John Lesniewski stated that the National Railway Network Project of the Sultanate of Oman is to be launched in 2018 and the first segment is planned to be completed in 2020. Project whose goals and framework were determined again [more…]

968 Oman

Muskata Tramway Systems Are Wanted

Muskata Tram System is Requested: Muscat Municipal Council has decided to advise the Oman Ministry of Transport and Communications on the establishment of a tram system in the city of Muscat. One of the most important differences between the Sultanate of Oman and developed countries is that [more…]

968 Oman

Oman National Railway Network

Oman National Railway Network: It was stated that the final preparations for the 2 km railway tender, which is the second leg of the Sultanate of Oman National Railway Network project, have come and it is likely to be announced early. According to the information received from the Hafeet district in the province of Buraimi [more…]

966 Saudi Arabia

Gulf countries railway project

Gulf countries railway project: The railway project, which will connect the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) member countries, is planned to be completed in 2018. Speaking to the Saudi Official News Agency, the GCC Secretary General for Economic Affairs, Abdullah al-Shibli, [more…]

965 Kuwait

Gulf Railway Project

Gulf Railway Project: Construction of the 2 bin 200 meter railway project that will connect Saudi Arabia and Gulf countries will start at the end of next year. Chairman of the Board of Directors of Saudi Arabia Railways Muhammad ŞSevketh at a conference in Dammam [more…]

968 Oman

Oman accelerated national railway project

Oman accelerated the national railway project: It was reported that one of the Gulf countries, Oman decided to accelerate the national railway project and complete it in a single phase instead of three phases. According to the Times of Oman newspaper, the government is the last to appoint administrative advisor to the transportation project. [more…]