balloon snooping system of idelsan in idlib diagrams
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ASELSAN's Bubble Surveillance System in Idlib Skies

The KARAGÖZ Balloon Surveillance System, developed by ASELSAN with domestic facilities, was put into use by the Turkish Armed Forces in the Idlib region. According to the information obtained; KARAGÖZ Balloon Surveillance, developed by ASELSAN and recently taken into the Turkish Armed Forces inventory [more…]

historical area of ​​hicaz train station in samara was rented yilligina
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The Historical Area of ​​the Hejaz Train Station in Damascus Has Been Rented For 45 Years

The Syrian regime has transformed the historical site of the Hejaz Train Station, built in the late 19th century in the center of Damascus during the Ottoman period, to an unnamed private company for 45 years into a tourist hotel and commercial activities. Official sources affiliated with the Syrian regime confirmed that a historical train station was rented in the capital Damascus. In details, Hejaz [more…]

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The first train service of Aleppo years after years

The first train expedition of Aleppo people in years: After the cleansing of Aleppo from the jihadists, the railways in Aleppo started to be used, albeit a small part. After the cleansing of Aleppo from the jihadists, the railways in Aleppo began to be used, albeit a small part. A long [more…]

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4.5 for the first time in Aleppo

For the first time in Aleppo, the 4.5 train has been organized for the first time: Syria's official news agency SANA reports that the 4.5 train station was held in Aleppo for the first time since the year. The train departs from the Jibreen station and passes through the liberated areas of Aleppo. [more…]