The mutated coronavirus spread to another continent
27 South Africa

Mutated Coronavirus Spreads to Another Continent

It was stated that after England, a different corona virus mutation was detected in the Republic of South Africa. According to the reports in the South African media, South African scientists say that the new corona virus mutation is much more contagious and the same in the UK. [more…]

medical assistance to health care supplies in South Africa from Turkey
27 South Africa

Medical Supplies Help from Turkey to South Africa

Medical Health Material Assistance from Turkey to South Africa; As part of the fight against COVID-19, A400M of our Turkish Armed Forces, which transports medical supplies to the Republic of South Africa, completed its preparations at Kayseri Erkilet Airport. Made by the Ministry of National Defense [more…]

bombardier south africa
1 Canada

Bombardier South Africa

Bombardier is a Canadian based company that manufactures multinational business jets, public transportation vehicles and high-speed train sets. While the company's aviation division Bombardier Aviation is headquartered in Montreal; The public transport division Bombardier Transportation is headquartered in Berlin. Bombardier [more…]

train wagons at cape town station
27 South Africa

Cape Town Railway Station Wagons Burned

As a result of an arson attack in the central station of Cape Town, the capital of South Africa, the wagons of the 2 trains at the station caught fire. Due to the burning of the train wagons, all trips on the line were canceled. In the fire caused by arson, 18 passenger cars were completely [more…]

World's Fastest Train
27 South Africa

Record-breaking World's Unique 5 Train

Trains, one of the oldest public transportation vehicles in the world, have been in our lives for centuries. Trains that are developing and changing with the developing technology are frequently preferred today for both freight and passenger transportation. You are the most unique in the field that broke a record [more…]

Arus turkey and South Africa signed hideaways first between the railway sector
06 Ankara

ARUS Participated in Africa Rail 2019

ARUS, Turkey and South Africa Between Railway Sector in the first to Signature Atıyor is the largest exhibition Africa Rail 2019 Anatolian Railway Systems Cluster at the rail area of ​​the African continent (ARUS) enabled cluster and member participation. Africa Rail [more…]

south africa railway market
27 South Africa

South Africa Railway Market

South African railways consist of three separate units. These; Transnet Freight Rail (Transnet Limited), PRASA and Gautrain Management Agency. By examining them in turn: GAUTRAIN 80 km connecting Gautrain, Johannesburg, Pretoria and OR Tambo International Airport [more…]

economy of the south african republic and rail system investments
27 South Africa

South African Economy and Rail System Investments

The Republic of South Africa, which has a free market economy, is in the position of developing market. The integration of the Republic of South Africa with the world economy took place in 1994 with the transition to democracy. South Africa with an area of ​​1.219.090 km2 and a population of approximately 57,7 million in the past 10 years [more…]

South Africa Train Crash 4 Person Dead 600 Injured
27 South Africa

Train Crash in South Africa, 4 Dead 600 Injured

4 people died and 600 were injured in the train accident that occurred in the Republic of South Africa. According to the information given by the authorities, four people died as a result of the collision of two trains near the capital, Pretoria, and 4 people were seriously injured. On the railroad [more…]

27 South Africa

Train accident in South Africa 1 dead, 50 injured

Train accident in South Africa 1 dead, 50 injured: 1 person died in the train accident that took place in Johannesburg, South Africa, and 50 people survived the accident with injuries. According to the information obtained, at the Elandsfontein train station in Johannesburg, two [more…]

27 South Africa

South Africa train crash, 1 dead more than injured 100

Train accident in South Africa, 1 dead and more than 100 injured: It has been reported that at least 1 person died and more than 100 people were injured as a result of the collision of two trains near Johannesburg, South Africa. Metrorail providing service for suburban trains Sözcüwater [more…]

27 South Africa

Commuter trains collide in South Africa

In South Africa, suburban trains collided: More than 200 were injured in the train crash in the Republic of South Africa. While the injured were taken to the nearby hospitals instead of the accident, at least 100 was reported to be heavy. Many of the passengers have neck and [more…]

27 South Africa

Two suburban trains collided in South Africa

Two suburban trains collided in South Africa: In South Africa, the commuter train hit another commuter train that was parked. 1 person died in the accident, 240 people were injured. In Johannesburg, South Africa, two commuter trains collided with a [more…]

27 South Africa

African Railways 2012 fair 25 opens in June

Africa Rail 2012, the most comprehensive railway fair in Africa for investment and development for rail operators, end users, government and investors, aimed at the development of the African railway sector, between 25/06/2012 - 29/06/2012 in Johannesburg, South Africa. [more…]