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1 Dead 60 In Tunisia

Two passenger trains in Tunisia as a result of the collision of the 1 person died, 60 said the person was injured. In a statement issued by the Tunisian Ministry of Internal Affairs, last night, two people died in a collision with the result of a collision, [more…]

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Agreement between TCDD and Tunisia Railways

General Director of TCDD under the direction of Orhan Birdal, Deputy Undersecretary of Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications İsa Apaydın and TÜLOMSAŞ, TÜVASAŞ, TÜDEMSAŞ and RAYSİMAŞ's senior officials, on 19-20 December 2017, to the Tunisian National Railways Organization. [more…]

216 Tunisia

Tunusta train crash, 5 dead

Train accident in Tunisia, 5 dead: A passenger train in the Jabal El Culud region of the capital Tunisia hit a bus from Nabil province to the capital Tunisia at the level crossing. According to the statement made by the Ministry of Health, the train is on the bus at the level crossing. [more…]

216 Tunisia

Tunusta train disaster 18 dead, 98 injured

Train disaster in Tunisia 18 dead, 98 injured: 18 people were killed and 98 were injured when a passenger train hit a truck on the rails in Tunisia. Passenger train from Kafour city to the capital Tunisia, 100 kilometers from the capital Tunis, Fahs [more…]

216 Tunisia

UIC Track Maintenance Seminar

UIC Track Maintenance Seminar: The Regional Assembly Africa .The UIC Regional Assembly for Africa, comprising railway companies from African countries, is chaired by Mohammed Khlie, Chief Executive of Moroccan National Railways (ONCF) The UIC Regional [more…]