age of the gendarmerie
06 Ankara

The Gendarmerie is 182 Years Old

The Gendarmerie of the Republic of Turkey is the armed general law enforcement force affiliated to the Ministry of Interior, which ensures the protection of security and public order, and fulfills the duties assigned by other laws and Presidential Decrees. Established in BC 209 [more…]

modernized leopard horse tanks are at the service of mehmetcik
06 Ankara

Modernized Leopard 2A4 T1 Tanks at Mehmetçik's Service

President of the Presidency of Defense Industry Prof. Dr. İsmail Demir announced that the Leopard 2A4 tanks in the inventory of the Land Forces Command have started the integration of domestic armor packages designed and produced in accordance with the modern combat environment. President Demir, [more…]

what is mitralosis

What is Gatling Gun?

Gatling gun means multi-barreled weapon in French. It is a name given to the multi-barreled machine guns made by the French. Since the French attracted attention with this weapon, this name is also used in other countries. [more…]

karaok anti-tank missile enters inventory

KARAOK Anti-Tank Missile Entering the Inventory

ROKETSAN General Manager Murat Second answered NTV reporter Özden Erkuş's questions on NTV live broadcast. In the interview, it was shared that the development phase of the KARAOK anti-tank weapon has been completed and will be in the TAF inventory by the end of 2021. Single [more…]